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Option to mute other voice channels when listening/speaking

WaggerdaggerWaggerdagger Member Posts: 3 Civilian


The volume control of the different voice channels are not sufficient to filter out what's important and not, since you need to be able to switch between different channels in quick succession all the time, when you play as squad lead.

The amount of chatter that goes on simultaneously is quite insane, and I suggest the following mechanic to resolve the often overwhelming chatter on all channels:


When pressing and holding the shortcut key to speak on a specific channel (G, V, B) , the other channels should be muted or their volumes reduced, while you are holding the speak-shortcut button.


Add the option to choose to listen to one channel, but not speak, by press-and-hold ALT+G/V/B. All other channels are muted/volume reduced.

This would be very efficient, as you are then able to focus on one discussion at a time, clearly hearing Command, and Squad or Local because the other channels goes mute.

The amount of volume decrease could be a slider, "Volume level for other channels when voice-focus activated:", 0-100, where 100 is no change and 0 is muted.

This would encourage people to play SL more, I think.


  • WaggerdaggerWaggerdagger Member Posts: 3 Civilian


    "clearly hearing Command, and Squad or Local" * should be "clearly hearing Command, Squad or Local"

  • GeebusGeebus Member Posts: 62 ★★

    I'm really cautions of having the ability to outright mute the channels. I've always had the feeling that it would get used more to ignore the rest of the team rather than promote listening in on one in specific. My outlook on these sorts of ideas has always been that the better solution is to promote better "radio discipline" between the different channels. When your squad is getting too noisy, either tell them to be quiet for a moment while you listen or encourage them to use local chat more often when communicating amongst themselves. For the other squad leaders it is very similar, simply encourage them to use direct comm's to the other squad leaders for the less important communications. I'll also add that it is important to stress to whichever channel you are addressing that you don't want everyone to stop communicating, but rather to declutter the comm's instead. There have been many times where I've told someone to quiet down only to hear almost nothing being said after.

    Put short, noisy communications channels can be an issue but the solution is really to make better use of what is already there rather than to "bandaid" over the issue with something that could create more issues.

  • CR8ZCR8Z Member Posts: 32 ★★

    Agree with Geebus. We already have the ability for SLs to communicate directly with other SLs using the NUM Keypad to talk directly to other squads. A good CO could also manage comms for the team using this function and help with comms discipline.

    CO should manage SL chat. SL should manage squad/local chat.

  • WaggerdaggerWaggerdagger Member Posts: 3 Civilian

    I dont agree, obviosly. This is not about muting a channel, and keeping it mute. My suggestion was that _during transmission_, while you are talking on one channel, to lower volume/mute the other channels, while transmitting, or, lowering volume while you are pressing keys for focusing on a particural channel. That is not the same as "outright mute the channels".

    Not only would it be effective in-game, easy to implement for devs, but it would actually also mimic reality much closer. When using radios and different channels in reality, you dont hear all other channels and chatter at the same time. You talk on one channel at a time. When you tune in to a channel to listen whats going on on that channel, the other channels are not there.

    Radio discipline is another subject altogether, and to be honest, this is a game, not a hardcore military outfit with the same members. You play with some 100 other, usually unknown players, and to expect strict military radio discipline is unrealistic.

    Make this change, and you'll get better gameplay, more ppl who wants to be Squad Lead and a more realistic radio system.

  • RybecRybec CanadaMember Posts: 20 ★★

    What you're looking for is a priority audio or other sort of dampening.

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