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Han/fob/build importance

GobxGobx Member Posts: 3 Civilian

With the constant shifting of objectives, building never gets used to it's full advantage. The concept is awesome but I feel maybe the radio itself should let multiple habs hand be placed anywhere with in a larger radius than currently structured. But only one fob/radio whee the commander has to be for air strikes etc which needs to be heavily fortified as to not lose all your current attack/defend fobs. Mortars and vehicle repair should only be able to be used at fobs as well. Requiring a solid defense. Habs should have unlimited sandbag build within 30m, and only 50c bunkers may be used to defend them as they are for spawning and moving. Whole building up your defense for the fob is critical for command and defensive positions. The single fob should need 2/3 squad logistics trucks to construct. After construction of fob commander can use his teal to build attack and defense spawn points. If the fob needs to be moved, it can be loaded completely between the three logistics trucks and reapplied on the map, making moving the fob a team priority as all hand are disabled on the map now. I think this will prevent mortar spam, commanders doing way to much, and squads essentially given the option to run the game on their own with no real conceqence it also puts more emphasis on building fortified positions that mean a lot and keep the objectives a slower pace.


  • GobxGobx Member Posts: 3 Civilian

    Also the fob would be the new main with exception on heli spawns. Helps need to supply the fob to keep logistics trucks spawning. And hand are set up out of attack vehicles like mraps with mounted weaponry. Meaning they can move. If they move no squad can spawn until it's stationary. Meaning fobs can send out logistics via lohi truck to hand for ammo but build will only be fir fobs. Vehicles will now spawn at fobs as long as they are operable. If fob goes down they need to start over. This keeps squads on defense and hab spamming the map. Also the commander should have to be chosen for a round to start and he can not have a squad. He has the ability to give tasks fir teamwork points to attacking squads weather it's hab/attack, have/defend etc. He also had the sole ability to allow vehicles from fob to be taken. Now the commander becomes important to strategy not just artillery. Any move by squad leaders needs to be approved (like vehicles) from command.

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