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Steering Wheel/Joystick/Pedal/Shifter Support

SneedquodSneedquod Member Posts: 1

Hello, I was wondering if steering wheel/joystick/pedal/shifter support is currently being considered. As someone who mainly drives logistic trucks and other vehicles for my squad mates. I don't think I am the only one who thinks it would be very cool to be able use my steering wheel, and pedal controller for driving. Does anyone else think that it would be fun to be able to utilize these types of controllers?


  • Goshjosh189Goshjosh189 Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    I would also like this as a feature, or at the very least controller support. Keyboards where not made to drive with and it often kills my enjoyment of logi runs.

  • OWI_KrispyOWI_Krispy Vancouver, B.C.Posts: 52 Community Manager

    Hi there,

    At the moment we have an experimental option for joysticks for those who wish to fly helis, other controller support is still something we want to explore further down the line.

    For the time being, I'd recommend checking out Squad by first opening Steam in Big Picture mode. If you have a controller attached, you can then customize the keybindings of the controller to your needs and it looks like there are several community-made options there already (though not sure if they've been updated recently)

  • XXPX1XXPX1 Member Posts: 45 ★★
    edited May 26

    Thanks @OWI_Krispy for replying to this, but I think there is a bit more nuisance than simply using a controller to emulate key presses which, as far as I understand it, is what Steam's Big Picture mode would accomplish.

    Having the throttle and steering be variable (analog inputs) would be a huge first step.

    This would allow you to swerve between obstacles better and control the speed of vehicles more reliably. Most the criticisms of the technicals acting like they're on ice skates comes from the fact that everyone is driving them with the pedal to the floor.

    (but kudos to the team on the joystick support for helis, I've had pretty good success with that despite its experimental state)

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