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new patch

gunzillagunzilla Member Posts: 1 Civilian

Am I the only one this new patch and the dead dead this just total changed the game play on 90% of the servers most players don't even communicate and I rarely get revived. The new patch is fantastic for a server with more serious players but unfortunately that seems to be rare I will try up to 5 servers before I find one that any one is talking so I think the dead dead should have been kept as a hardcore option. I realise this was to make people more serious about reviving and sticking together as a squad but doesnt seem to be reality. Maybe the admin people should go out and play on random servers to see what the average server is like. I spend alot of time on squad but seems i spend more time looking for somewhat serious players. My 2 cents lol


  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 90 ★★

    It is indeed further discouragement to waiting for medic.

    Should have nerfed rally and fob(cap the number of fob to 5 per side or something) alongside it.

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