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More Ammo in Logi=Bigger explosion?

DannyBlazeDannyBlaze Member Posts: 2

I was just thinking what if the more ammo a truck or a logi was carrying directly affected how big the explosion was?

I was making full 3,000 Ammo logi runs this morning and was thinking about this.

I know the concept of physical supplies has been talked about but I wanted to see what people thought or see if a concept like this is even on the table?

It could also be a fun way to get VIEDs in the game.

What do you guys think?



  • BahreinBahrein Republic of SerbiaMember Posts: 21 ★★

    Yeah i was always up for that.Even on the old forum i wrote a sugestion like that.

    I mean how can an explosion for and empty logi truck and a full one be the same.It would look cool getting a full logi racked

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