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Variable scopes, and magnifying scope options for the normal infantry

HuntaHunta Member Posts: 1 Civilian

Hello, I doubt anyone will pay any attention to this, and what I am about to talk about has been propably stated and suggested before, but im kinda lazy to go through all the discussions rn and I just want to voice my opinion, even if it'll have little to no impact.

I feel like infantry should have more scopes to choose from, having only 1 marksman in each squad with 4x scope is frustrating. On many maps I would give anything for a 3x,4x,6x scopes. I guess the devs and comunity feel like this would break the game and its not realistic. I have a completely different opinion. Having magnifying scopes would make soldiers advance more cautiously and effectively, cuz rn when there is an enemy sniper camping 150-200 meters in front then there is no way to fight him, you just need to get close, run and hope he doesnt hit. suppresive fire with machine guns is ineffective when he just snipes you before you even start shooting thanks to his bipod. I play snipers everytime I can, and I feel like its so unbalanced. Especially on open maps. Scopes would give you a feel that you make an impact on longer ranges, so you would advance slow and look more around you, cuz with a scope you can hit things around you a lot better, even if they are far away. So smth like PSO scope for russians on their Ak-74Ms(4x zoom), ACOG for americans on their M4s (4x zoom), Susat for the brits on their SA80s(4x zoom) and etc.

I hope you all get my point. People think its not realistic for 50% of soldiers to be able to have a scope, but when you look on recent battlefields (2010+) scopes are used very often, especially in the deserts and mountians of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Snipers on the other hand could have 6x or 8x zoom scopes(a sniper can choose between them or mby have an optic with variable zoom options). That way they still have an advantage and they also still have a bipod that the normal infantry doesnt have.

Machine gunners could have 4x zoom + the bipod, but the clumsyness of their weapon with the scope would increase even more.

With bigger scopes on machineguns and standard rifles, it would take an impact on the time it takes to take aim, snipers would have quicker ads with scopes, rifles a bit slower, and machineguns the slowest but they have a big mag, high rate of fire and a bipod.


  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 90 ★★

    Which year is this thread from?

  • BahreinBahrein Republic of SerbiaMember Posts: 21 ★★

    The game got lost that something in it when the developers made so much scopes for every single role in a squad.Just look at your squad every one will take a scoped kit no one really uses iron scope this days.Thats why you dont see much insurgents and militia against US,RUS,CAN,UK on maps.Not as much as before.

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