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The Return of IEDs to their former glory?

DannyBlazeDannyBlaze Member Posts: 2

I know this gets brought up about every AMA and has been stated as a bug from Fuzzhead, but is there an answer to why IEDs cannot be strapped to regular infantry still?

Is this something that is planned to be fixed or is it one of those bugs that kinda got away?

I just really miss some of the insurgent and Milita plays you could pull off doing this.

(I had a link to a video but I don't have the rank to post it yet RIP)

Thanks for all the support and I can't wait to see what the future has in store for squad.


  • KattKatt Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    In their last Squad chat I believe they acknowledged it being a bug but the removal was unintentional and were looking into potentially bringing it back with the insurgency rework.

  • KraVKraV Member Posts: 3

    I thought I read somewhere they said it was removed on purpose?

    I don’t care either way. As long as you can still put it on the motorbike it’s the way to go, haha.

  • DubsDubs New ZealandMember Posts: 17 Moderator

    The placement of IED's on other players indeed bugged out, and was removed. It is planned to be fixed and returned sometime in the future.

  • PhoenixstormPhoenixstorm GermanyMember Posts: 20 ★★

    I hope they add additional and different IEDs with the rework like booby traps to create more A-symmetrical gameplay with the insurgents.

  • An0nym0usAn0nym0us Member Posts: 27 ★★

    Huh, and to think people tried to defend its removal as a good thing. Hope the devs re-add it soon, IEDs are always cash money.

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