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[JFC] Joint Forces Command: Squad Milsim.

TacticoolBruceyTacticoolBrucey Member Posts: 3 Civilian

Hey dudes! We're a Squad milisim clan that like to play the game tactically and with teamwork. Most of our members are ex-military members but we accept anyone that is willing to train and do their best to play their roll in the unit. We like to use Mechanised Infantry, Aviation and armor tactics. If you wish to join; Join our discord, fill out an app and have a chat with us (so we can get to know you) If you're just looking for some cool dudes to play some games with, We could put you in the "Friends" section so you can chill with us. We also play a lot of community games like HLL, Enlisted, Warthunder, Red dead RP and many more. Welcome! We are a new clan but we have a server up and are currently planning training for all of our sections (5th May 21)

My name in the server is BruceBuse, Feel free to DM me or any other admin if you have any questions!

I cant post links now so please check out our "looking for clan" page if youre interested in joining us!


  • TacticoolBruceyTacticoolBrucey Member Posts: 3 Civilian

    Forgot to mention it in the posts but we are a EU based clan. We plan according to European time. Everyone is welcome but remember that we might not be up when you are and vice versa lol,

  • TacticoolBruceyTacticoolBrucey Member Posts: 3 Civilian

    Update to our post here ( i cant delete it) We are no longer a Squad milsim group. Our main focus right now is Arma 3. We do play Squad, seed and admin the GD servers. However, we do not do any training in Squad anymore, only events with other clans and CVCs. Our new name is now JFC: Tactical Group. Apart from Squad and Arma 3, we also play Ready or not, Ground branch and many more. Check looking for a clan and our steam group if you are interested!

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