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Emotes and Future Monetization In Squad

3S_Moe3S_Moe Member Posts: 146 ★★

Just wanted to say, I FULLY support this. I've been concerned about how you will continue to make money in the future solely off the money from the initial purchases of the product. You have provided years of free updates and my initial purchase back in 2017 feels almost criminal given how many hours of enjoyment I've received from it (I'm now down to 2 cents/hr of enjoyment from that purchase!) I will happily buy your planned Emotes if for no other reason than to help support your work.

Keep up the great work, and please, please, fix the vehicle request to be done via the radial menu instead of automatically when trying to get ammo off ;-) (I'd happily donate money for you to fix this alone!)


  • Nickolas956Nickolas956 Member Posts: 6
    edited January 22

    No one wants emotes. How about a swimming emote instead of bleeding to death and dying in water, or how about a shooting out of vehicle emote instead of sitting in the back of logistics vehicle waiting to die, fix the game stop adding crap. Maybe an emote for 60 fps when superfob gets hit by arty. Or how about bullet registration emote would be cool too, might be useful.

  • KataKata Member Posts: 2 Civilian

    You are a clown

  • 3S_Moe3S_Moe Member Posts: 146 ★★

    I'm pretty sure to implement what you are asking for is going to cost money. There is no way they can continue to put out free updates forever all based on the initial purchase of the product. Did you complain when Battlefield started out with version 1, and then you had to pay for v2, and v3, and v4, etc? These guys allowed you to buy the game when it was in Alpha and then gave you free updates all the way up through today. That is TONS of version changes they have done, all for free, whereas someone like EA decided to charge for each version release.

  • Nickolas956Nickolas956 Member Posts: 6

    They also pushed the game from alpha before having basic stuff like shooting from vehicles or swimming soooo that's on them. If they are spending time making pointless emotes i'm sure they can find some time to make actual animations that improve gameplay.

    Arma 3 added a free updated awhile after launch that added shooting from vehicles, that game never had it either on launch but now you can shoot from passenger seats of vehicles and helicopters.

    If they want to monetize their game this is not the way todo it, people would buy map packs, vehicle packs or weapon packs that's what arma did and the stuff sold well. I really don't think many people will spend money on emotes imo.

  • MINTYMINTY Member Posts: 9 Civilian

    Are we really having a discussion why adding emotes is not a good idea when the game has a lot of issues that should be prioritised ? I feel like some of the people not against the emotes are the devs themselves just making new accounts

  • 3S_Moe3S_Moe Member Posts: 146 ★★

    people would buy map packs, vehicle packs or weapon packs that's what arma did and the stuff sold well. I really don't think many people will spend money on emotes imo.

    I for one would hate this type of monetization. I don't want to play a game where I can't jump on a server because I haven't paid for the map pack, or getting roasted by a gun that someone else was willing to buy but I couldn't (well, I could buy everything they put out, but I know some people can't.) I think the reason I like the emotes is for the exact reason you don't. It's because it allows me to support their future development of the game in a way that honestly does not take away from ANYONE playing the game.

  • 3S_Moe3S_Moe Member Posts: 146 ★★

    I feel like some of the people not against the emotes are the devs themselves just making new accounts

    Oh my word, grow up. I'm voicing my opinion in support of this specifically to counter people like you that think EVERYONE thinks it's a bad idea. I respect your dislike of their decision, that's fine, whatever, but just keep in mind that there are those of us that support it (and I am not a dev-bot logging on just to smack you down.) If you dislike it so much, then go back PR/Arma 3.

  • Shaffer_29th_IDShaffer_29th_ID Member Posts: 52 ★★

    its not going to go well

  • MINTYMINTY Member Posts: 9 Civilian

    I dont dislike the game, I think the emotes are a cheap way of monetisation, I think they should come up with some tasteful cosmetics, or patches, or EVEN a way to have progression, as in, if you buy a DLC or whatever you can track your stats and be promoted, like you can be promoted in COD or Battlefielfd (I know 2 bad examples), but with the ''Promotion'' you could receive a patch, start off as a Private and so on. And there would be no In game notofication that would show your rank, only a shoulder patch or whatever, same as we have now. So all the work would just be making the patches, they wouldn't even need to animate anything.

  • Nickolas956Nickolas956 Member Posts: 6

    Well not really when literally the whole playerbase bought the packs but alright, and the only op weapon in the packs was the navid because it was an lmg that could shoot through walls. Other than that one dumb gun the packs were alright, most servers banned the use of that weapon anyways.

  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 530 ★★

    It needs catear helmet instead.

  • doogiavichdoogiavich Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    Death of game

  • jorgejorge Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    I am also fine with emotes, that are realistic, but I am very concerned that they will add f2p game features like playerskins and seasonpass. The no in game purchases thing was actually a selling point to me.

  • Shaffer_29th_IDShaffer_29th_ID Member Posts: 52 ★★

    My 2 biggest worries is 1 after the emotes are successful microtransactions expanding ridiculous weapon skins and Customization skins. 2 They change Squad to F2P adding a progression system and make more microtransaction and Battle passes for Squad.

    i don't agree with paid DLCs it would spilt the player base and because they would be over $20 or $30 if its going to cost that much you might as well just buy games on your wishlist. Which 2023 has a lot of promising games this year.

    thats my worries for all this microtransaction for this game.

  • BahreinBahrein Member Posts: 25 ★★

    I dont really know the emotes in game now it just feels they should be free and in game long ago.Like when everything is all nice and working good.

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