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Kickstarter Backers - Clan Patch

CR8ZCR8Z Member Posts: 2 Civilian

Thought I would get my first forum post online and start with a question.

I recall that founders/backers who signed up with the clan package would get a custom clan patch for their in-game uniform. The design to be submitted by the clan.

Is this still a thing? Or is my memory failing me?

Thank you. Asking for a clan.


  • CR8ZCR8Z Member Posts: 2 Civilian

    Yes, my clan also purchased the clan pack. I still have my email with the keys from September 10, 2015.

    I have not received any instructions on formatting or uploading our custom badge into the game. We may not have the same members playing today that received keys then, but we have more and more members picking up the game.

    I would love to see the custom patch that was offered for our club. I like my "stuff" to be custom!!!

    That said, I understand that there are a million issues to resolve and stuff like this is pretty low priority. However, I would love to find out if we can still partake in this awesome perk for the early backers.

    Thanks in advance for any comment!

  • Tiger1zerobravoTiger1zerobravo Member Posts: 9 ★★
    edited May 5

    @Krispy tagged as community manager of squad. We are awaiting your response on this matter, relaying the response from the OWI Development team. This question was also asked on the 3rd of May 2021 in the Support chat channel on the official squad discord server.

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