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v2.16 Issues

OWI_WedgeOWI_Wedge Posts: 40 Admin
edited May 2022 in Game Support

V2.16 is now live, please report new issues here using the following format:

Bug Report Template:

  • Version: x.x (check on the main menu, bottom left)
  • Type: Map- the name of the map/Gameplay/Asset/Sound/Visual/Other bug
  • Description: Describe in detail the issue. 
  • Screenshots/Video: Please include a screenshot if needed (and youtube/streamable video link if necessary)
  • Reproduction steps: how to reliably reproduce this bug (make sure it's reproducible in an online server)
  • Any Exploit Bugs that are game-breaking should be sent via https://offworldindustries.zendesk.com/hc/en-us 
  • Please do not report bugs from Offline Testing Range.

Known Issues

  • Seeding Mode:
    • There are some issues with the pre-placed FOB Radio's and HAB's on Seed map layers.
      • When removing pre-placed FOB Radio's, the attached HAB and ammo crate(s) might not get removed as usual.
      • When digging down pre-placed HAB's / ammo crates, they will respawn shortly after being dug down.
  • BTR variants, as well as the MEA Ural 4320 have some SFX regarding their engine sounds sound slightly louder / less muffled than other vehicles.


  • If you are still experiencing performance issues after updating to v2.16, be sure to go to Settings -> “CLEAR CACHE”.


  • sneakylikeasneksneakylikeasnek Member Posts: 91 ★★

    There is no muzzle blast/overpressure damage on the hellcannon. Lower it to 10 degrees, have someone stand in front of it, they won't take any damage.

  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 532 ★★

    LUVW logistics and transport variants seem to be indentical(both having the "supplies" modeled in the back).

  • Big SpenderBig Spender Member Posts: 1 Civilian
    • Version: V2.16.0.85128.119-4.23.1-SHIPPING
    • Type: Visual
    • Description: Flags on new CAF LUVW look very out of place, much higher detail than the surrounding vehicle details. Also solar panels (?) at the rear of the vehicle have a green/blue texture around them, not sure this is correct?
    • Screenshots/Video: Not able to post links, can provide if needed.

  • MautiMauti Member Posts: 8 Civilian
    edited May 2022
    • Version: V2.16.0.85128.119-4.23.1-SHIPPING
    • Type: Wrong faction vehicle
    • Layer: Gorodok RAAS v11
    • Description: CAF have an MEA MIL chopper.

    ps forum picture upload is broken.

  • MautiMauti Member Posts: 8 Civilian

    Ups just watching a youtube update video it seems they are indeed CAF, MIL lookalike, choppers and not a bug. But brownish/desert coloured choppers on Gorodok are definitely out of place.

  • HanddukenHandduken Member Posts: 6 Civilian

    You can’t freelook while sitting in the hell canon. There’s also no animation for reloading (except for the propane tank sliding down the tube), but it’s probably intended as with the mortars.

  • Freddy KrügerFreddy Krüger Member Posts: 1 Civilian
    • Version:
    • Type: Belaya RAAS V1 CANADA i believe
    • Description: I was in the Candadian team. About 15 minutes after the round started I joined and wanted to use a helicopter, there was none. The info pop-up chart showed that the next blackhawk (there was only one in our team) would join in under 7 minutes but after 20 minutes there still was no heli, the other guy could confirm it. he was with me at the heli pad. the info chart was already on 0.00.
  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 532 ★★
    edited May 2022
    • Version:
    • Type: Asset/gameplay
    • Description: MEA BMP-2 gun mount appears green instead of the usual brown when gunner is using the ATGM on top. Also model is slightly different. This has been in the game for as long as MEA existed.
    • Reproduction steps: have MEA BMP-2 gunner swap to missile then back while looking at BMP-2's gun.
    • This little detail can help determine whether the ATGM is swapped to or not.
  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 532 ★★
    • Version:
    • Type: Asset/gameplay
    • Description: Hand-cranked Kord Machineguns are zeroed to 100m by default when model implies it's at 300m.
    • Reproduction steps: look down on Kord machinegun model as gunner, with freelook.
    • Screenshot:

  • Casper4Casper4 Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    -Version: - SHIPPING

    -Type: Visual - Other Bug

    -Description: The unarmed kit role has a problem, with the right click mouse it should put the hands in the air but it happens only on the client side (on the screen in happens but in the server doesnt, no one can see you with the hands in the air).

    -Screenshots/Video: Its tough finding someone who can use this kit to take some screens if you have got no friends. 😞

    -Reproduction steps: Get in an online match, make someone pick that role and tell them to put the hands in the air, they will walk slowly as intended but the arms won't go up, they kinda get stuck in a strange animation.

    -Suggestion: It would be really cool if the unarmed kit role gets a small revamp and could become more useful or at least more funny in some way. My suggestions would be to get at least 1 bandage because every one shoots you even if you have got no guns, maybe a shovel so he can dig something, the chance of putting the hands in the air again would be really cool, maybe have some perks like it could run faster and for longer because he is basically unarmed so is not carrying any addition weight exept for the body armor and for last im not trying to say he needs a gun otherwise is going to lose the main scope of an unarmed kit, but it would be really funny if he was be able to punch, maybe with le left mouse button he can punch and deal low damage, maybe in 10-12 hits could be enough to down an enemy.

    -Ending: Thanks for everything, we have got a fantastic game, even if this message will not be read i'll be still happy! Please, at least #FixTheUnarmedKit

  • EristusEristus Member Posts: 9 Civilian

    Version: V2.16.0.85128.119-4.23.1

    Sometimes vaulting does not work. Then i die and respawn again and it is fixed. I don't know what triggers it.

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