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Mouse aiming/sensetivity

JazzdogJazzdog Member Posts: 4 Civilian

Hello everyone,

i want to address the technical aspect that propably annoys me the most. The Framedrops on populated servers is really annoying too but i want to talk about the mouse movement/aiming/sensetivity. Im not sure which words descripes it the best, what i mean is the very rough aiming. The reticle doesnt move smooth but jumps. For targets upclose thats no issue but if you aim at targets 1/2/3 hundred meters away that means a deviation of several meters. Never was that a concern for me in any game ive ever played. When the enemy a few hundred meters away, in a house, crouched behind a window, only presenting a small target and you just cant get the reticle on target and you take the shot anyway despite knowing you are not gonna hit and then get killed - thats super frustrating. And i dont think its just me. i saw videos where players had the same behaviour and ive read comments that brought that up. But it seems as there is no solution to at least none i could find for myself. Im using a G502 Hero and ive tryed everything possible. The smoothing doesnt help neither. If anyone knows how to improve the situation id be very happy if youd let me know. But i doubt it and so i urge the Devs to address that problem. The game would profit immensly from a smooth mouse behaviour.

Cheers, Fab


  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 410 ★★
    edited May 3

    Never had that problem.

    I think it's your settings. UE is originally made to be a shooter engine so that kind of thing shouldn't happen by default.

  • sbefsbef Member Posts: 6 Civilian
    edited May 3

    What resolution are you playing at? What's your mouse DPI?

    The higher your resolution, the higher your mouse DPI needs to be to retain precise aiming. I'm playing at 4K with 800dpi and if I set my mouse lower than that, the aiming is very rough at long distances.

    If you double your mouse DPI, remember to halve your sensitivity setting in game to retain the same muscle memory, but you'll gain in precision.

    I would like to play at 1600dpi at least, but some games have shoddy sensitivity controls and are tuned for 1080p/400dpi, so 800 is a good compromise.

  • 3S_Moe3S_Moe Member Posts: 106 ★★

    If you double your mouse DPI, remember to halve your sensitivity setting in game

    What @sbef said. I have my mouse setup at 11,000 DPI and the global mouse sensitivity setting in the game is something like .2. It provides the necessary amount of movement I need for all the quick turns, running and dodging, but when I go to aim, that high DPI setting is picking up the smallest of movements. Then I also have a programmable sniper button on my mouse that further changes the DPI setting for those times when I really need a lot of fine movement control for the really long shots.

    Also, for what it's worth, I believe the game has direct hardware access to the mouse and thus any "software" (ie. actual app loaded to control mouse movement) type of controls from the various mouse manufacturers (like smoothing, enhanced precision, etc.) do not have any impact in the game. As such, you can't expect what you are experiencing outside the game in terms of control and movement of the mouse to be replicated within the game. This can be a massive problem when you have your DPI cranked to 11,000 like I do. Fortunately my mouse has three onboard hardware profiles so when I exit the game, I just immediately switch it to a different profile via the profile button on it and return it back to a normal DPI setting so it's not bouncing all over my screen uncontrollably.

  • OracudaOracuda Member Posts: 12 Civilian

    Is it when there's 80+ players or in a more intensive map like fallujah, manic, or mutaha? or when all the players are clumped together?

    because if so, i've experienced this so much, its often a game ender for me because it's so frustrating, it completely destroys your muscle memory and makes it difficult to hit targets even just a few meters away from you, especially in a fight.

    I've been advocating for this to be fixed for a long time, i think it's an issue with the way the framerate ties to the sensitivity.

  • OracudaOracuda Member Posts: 12 Civilian
    edited May 17

    It's not pixel skipping, It's FPS dependent.

    It's something to do with the way the FPS and aiming ties together, it makes it laggy and jittery and feels so sluggish like dragging your mouse through mud, but on jensens singleplayer it's fine.

    Edit: probably also pixel skipping, but OP also mentions frame drops, that's my issue.

  • sbefsbef Member Posts: 6 Civilian
    edited May 18

    OP is talking about mouse sensitivity and being unable to point at distant targets, which has nothing to do about frame drops.

    What you have is possibly input lag. Check your vsync settings, enable Gsync/Freesync and follow the excellent blurbusters guide on reducing input lag. I can't post links, so google "blurbusters g-sync 101" — there's a tl;dr on page 14 with recommended settings. Yes, it applies to AMD and Freesync as well.

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