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Medics in vehicles should be able to treat other occupants

DGinzbourgDGinzbourg Member Posts: 1 Civilian

This comes from BF2 PR, from what I remember at least.

The healing process can probably happen without any UI interaction (or with UI - choose which player to heal), but applying tourniquets might require some sort of a UI interaction to choose whom to apply a tourniquet.

Speaking of which, players should be able to apply tourniquets on themselves inside a vehicle.


  • RybecRybec CanadaMember Posts: 22 ★★

    I believe Project Reality automatically healed occupants with a medic present for a while and I think that worked.

    There could be a cost associated with it where a medic can "heal all occupants" and it costs a certain amount of ammunition from the vehicle's munitions supply. As an other option the same could be done to "bandage all occupants" and it subtracts the cost of a bandage though people could just do that themselves as you don't need a medic for that of course..

  • HanddukenHandduken Member Posts: 6 Civilian

    Me and my friend just talked about this a couple days ago. 100% agree!

  • _Fr_SPΛRTΛN_Fr_SPΛRTΛN FranceMember Posts: 6 Civilian
    edited May 1

    Same with players on a server yesterday ; 100% agree ! I almost always play as medic and it comes to my mind every time I get into a logi... I had to eventually suggest it here

  • sgt.longbowsgt.longbow Member Posts: 7 Civilian

    yes please add.

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