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Disable SL ability to kick players for illegitimate reasons.

nO-gAmEnO-gAmE Member Posts: 6 Civilian

I love Squad, and i've been playing for years. However, this game is being ruined by whiny SL's who kick people from their squad for selecting certain rifle classes. I request, and I hope others back me up on this, that SL's being able to kick players from squads whose only offense is simply trying to learn all the classes and play the game, is ridiculous. Now, let me give an instance of this. I was just in a game, and there was already a medic, two designated marksman, and I wanted to learn the AT role. Unfortunately, it was taken, so I reverted to automatic rifleman. This is because I am a medic 98% of the time, and quite frankly, i'm sick and tired of it and I want to learn something new. Automatic rifleman makes sense for me, since I performed that role in the USMC, so i'm familiar with it.

I join a command squad that is a heli-infantry team (infantry implies that you need an infantry role, such as automatic rifleman.) We take off and the SL asks why I chose that role, with no other communication stating we had to pick any specific roles. I stated that I wanted to be AT, and it wasn't available, and we had a medic, so I went automatic rifleman (machine gunner). To which I was immediately booted from the squad mid-air, which resulted in me being dumped from the helo and stuck in the middle of the map with a single magazine, no squad, and no other supplies, far from main or any FOBs. This is ridiculous. I wasn't even given the chance to change my role.

It happens time and time again. There should be no reason why SL's can choose who has to be what role, especially when the name of the server states plainly "New player friendly" and 'Learner friendly". Why does the SL get to kick people who are being team players, obeying commands, and learning? I say this as personally having played over 100 hours of Squad as an SL myself. I've never once kicked someone for being marksman, AT, medic, etc. It's becoming an increasingly annoying issue. If players are not allowed to change it up, learn, and play ALL of the roles, then this game is bust, and makes no sense to even play. That's the whole point of the game: to learn, play, communicate, and strive for mission success.

I'm sure others have had this issue also, where you contact Admin of the server, explain the situation, and they simply say it doesn't matter or join a different squad. Except there's already 10 squads, most of which have 1-3 players each and are locked. The only way to play is to create your own squad 10 seconds before being kicked for not being in a squad, then others join and get upset because you are the SL with no mic, etc. But if there's no available squads, then there's no other option.

So, possible suggestions to fix this, and I hope it is taken seriously and with a grain of salt:

  1. Get rid of the idiotic "locking" of the squads. Maybe just make a special squad that can only have 1 pilot and a co-pilot, two pilots, etc. Same with vics and logis. If you're a helo pilot or logi runner, maybe make a squad that's capped for specific roles instead of having to lock squads. Have them pre-made, and a user can simply select it as a squad, instead of creating a squad. Like selecting a role. "Logi driver", "Helo Pilot", "BTR Crewman", etc.
  2. Make SL's write Admin to have someone kicked from their squads, so admin can do it IF it's a legitimate reason, so they can't freely kick whoever they want simply because of the most ridiculous reasons that have nothing to do with not playing the game, not being a team player, selecting specific roles, and "just because". Players should be allowed to explain their reasons BEFORE being permanently banned or kicked for stupid reasons, through an admin. Unfortunately, some of the admins of various servers are themselves toxic, but that's a different thread for another day. If you want people to play, and play as a team, then the toxic stuff like this has to go.
  3. If players refuse to play as a team, make a right-click menu on their user tagname and report them under preset reasons as to why they should be looked at. Then let admin use discretion, rather than some dude high on drugs, kicking people left and right for the wrong reasons. A secondary possibility is to have squad voting to kick someone so it's fair, and one person can't just kick for any reason.

I just want to play the game to have fun. I love it (I know everyone else does too), but I also want to learn all the roles. I didn't spend three days learning to fly a helo to never have a chance to actually fly in the game, because of toxic people.


  • GeebusGeebus Member Posts: 140 ★★

    I think there is a better solution to the problem. The reason that people have resorted to just kicking people from the squad for incorrect kit choices is because it is simply easier than asking. You sound like the kind of guy that would change if asked but there are an awful lot of people that don't. Often times when I ask someone with a less critical kit to switch to one of the more necessary ones I'll get all sorts of arguments. "Oh, SL I never get to play marksman! or "but SL I am really good at this kit!" I don't really have time to deal with it. I've got bigger things to worry about than whether someone is happy with what gun they get to play with. That said though, I am not one of those folks who just kicks people outright, I'd much rather look for a volunteer and let people use the kits that they prefer, of course within reason.

    The better solution is to allow SL's to lock off roles within the squad. You can't have problems with kit choices and people not picking the ones you want if they can only pick the ones you want. Allowing the SL to have better control over what is in his squad would go a long way.

    Also it is important to note that the SL's kicking power is a huge part of their authority. You take that away and they really don't have much. Its been part of the game forever that the SL has the right to kick anyone from their squad for any reason, at any time. Pushing this authority off to admins would do more harm than anything. If you don't get problem players out of the squad quickly then they spread like a cancer. One player that doesn't want to do what the SL says can quickly grow into a couple of players then grow even more, so on and so on.

    Remember that you aren't entitled to a squad. When you join into a squad then you are "signing" an unwritten agreement that you are there to do as the SL says. It isn't your right to get whatever kit you want. Sure it may just be a game, but there are certain responsibilities that must be fulfilled within the squad. When you let people pick whatever they want they don't necessarily pick what is needed. It happens almost every session that I will get squads that would rather grab a bunch of machineguns or marksmen rifles rather than AT, rifleman. or medics. I've gone with the approach before where I don't care and it gets the squad screwed. I will gladly take a couple of guys who are dissatisfied with their kits than not having enough ammo in the squad to place a rally in a critical moment or having the AT necessary to take out a BTR that is chewing us up. The satisfaction of many outweighs the satisfaction of a few.

    My advice is to, when this sort of thing happens, move on and don't take it personally. If it is happening often, take steps to prevent it such as asking the SL if he minds you taking a specific kit.

  • RackEmUp187RackEmUp187 Member Posts: 71 ★★

    Join a better server

  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 450 ★★
    edited February 6

    Be the SL if you don't want to be kicked for arbitrary reason.

    SL is already mostly markerbot as is.

  • tyler2tyler2 Member Posts: 8 Civilian

    I completely agree that SL should not be able to kick players just because he wants to. The kick of a player from the squad must be made exclusively by the method of general voting of the players in the squad. Any player in the squad should be able to initiate a vote on the exclusion of any player from the squad, including SL.

    There are several reasons why I think so:

    1) The player who took the role of SL is no different from the player who took the role of a medic, or any other role, as he performs his task.

    2) The player who took the role of SL did not pay more money for the game than I did in order to have the right to exclude players at their discretion.

    3) The player who took the role of SL is not a smarter player compared to the rest of the squad, he does not have much experience of the game.

    The percentage of idiots in the game is equal to the percentage of idiots among SL. In 90 percent of cases, the exclusion of players is biased, SL may not like your role, the direction in which you are moving, he needs to make room for a friend, you did not fulfill a frankly idiotic order.

    Developers should take away from the players who have taken the role of SL the ability to exclude players, the reason is abuse of authority and the use of this function for selfish purposes.

  • tyler2tyler2 Member Posts: 8 Civilian

    If a player really deserves to be excluded from the squad, then this can be adequately done exclusively by voting, no player is able to do it independently in an objective way, especially considering that there is no penalty for groundless exclusion.

  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 450 ★★
    edited February 12

    If people don't like getting kicked, they can create their own squad.

    If SL kicks for arbitrary reasons then everyone can tell it's bad and leave the squad.

  • tyler2tyler2 Member Posts: 8 Civilian

    This is not an argument for the following reasons:

    1) You can no longer go into this squad and say that SL is an idiot

    2) I don't have to play for a role that I don't want (SL) just because SL has the right to kick anyone he wants for no reason.

  • tyler2tyler2 Member Posts: 8 Civilian

    SL should not be able to exclude players from the squad for the same reason that a medic should not be able to exclude SL for no reason. Both medic and SL have the same rights to play, and the same freedom to choose a role.

  • tyler2tyler2 Member Posts: 8 Civilian

    SL must be able to initiate a vote to exclude a player among the squad members, and the squad members themselves must have such an opportunity to exclude SL from the squad. Moreover, the exclusion of a player should not lead to the instant cancellation of the player's current role, only after his death, because the very fact of the exclusion of a player is not proof of his guilt in anything, this punishment is not justified, and often interrupts the player's performance of his duties at the moment.

  • FORCEFORCE Member Posts: 13

    This is what you get by attracting a bunch of softies and spoiled players who don't even understand the Spirit of Squad or it's predecessor, PR. Spiritual Successor, get me?

    Anyway, the only people who would say or agree to this are the ones who have never ever actually Squad Lead randoms themself before or touched grass, whichever comes first.

  • GeebusGeebus Member Posts: 140 ★★

    A little harsher than I would have said it but its darn near right on the money.

    Putting SL kicks to a vote is a terrible idea. What recourse does the SL have when he cannot get the required votes to kick? What happens when the vote fails and now you've got a squad split between the SL and it's members. What authority does the SL have once you get rid of his kicking ability? It might be nice to think of running the squad as a democracy but that just doesn't work.

    Democracy is great when everyone is doing as they should but it turns to crap once every turd starts thinking he knows better. When the SL isn't doing the right thing you try to encourage him to do differently. If he doesn't, you either shut your mouth or leave. You don't start doing whatever you want, damn the SL.

    I'll say it again, though it is pretty disappointing that it has to be said in the first place, When you join into a squad, it isn't your squad. You aren't entitled to anything. You are there because you are willing to do as the SL tells you to do. Its a privilege that can be revoked at any time, for any reason.

  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 450 ★★
    edited February 13

    It's not an argument because you can't argue.

    1. As SL yourself, you can open direct channel to the squad that kicked you and tell the sl he's dumb.
    2. deal with it, that's your price for getting someone else to play a role you don't want. Or do you really think anyone else wants to play SL?
  • FORCEFORCE Member Posts: 13

    He probably thinks Squad Leaders are the vast majority of the playerbase, or that we get paid for being Squad Leaders.

  • CasanovaCasanova Member Posts: 15

    I would click the disagree button but there is not one.

  • CR8ZCR8Z Member Posts: 35 ★★

    The system is fine as it is. You can vote for commander. That's enough.

    I can already see what would happen if a vote-to-kick system were implemented. If an SL doesn't want a particular person in his squad, he would just leave and start a new one until the offending player got the hint. This would be a waste of time.

    Complain to the server host and lose all the good SLs? No SLs on a server = dead server.

    Someone said that SLs are like any other role in the squad? What? Squad LEADERS are LEADERS. There is no "medic leader" or "rifleman leader". There is just one Squad Leader. A vastly different role than all the rest.

    The only reason this game is fun is because of the squad leaders. It would be a poop show if everything were run by a voting system.

    My suggestion would be to try squad leading. Or, ask the SL when you join if it's okay if you grab a specific kit. If he would prefer you take a different one, you can either leave that squad for another or just be a good teammate and do what your SL asks.

    If you get dropped from the squad in the middle of the map, open the console and type "RESPAWN". Problem solved.

    It seems like all of the frustrations that some of you have can be resolved by taking action yourself. No need to force others to take action on your behalf.

  • ZagibatorZagibator Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    Here we need a feature for squad leaders, where he can choose what specialists he needs when creating squads and load these settings every time he creates a new squad in a new match.

  • GolfpapadeltaGolfpapadelta Member Posts: 5 Civilian

    you best bet is just, find a server that follows your ideals, enforces no locked squad or what ever suits you...ect then play on that server and stay on that server get to know the community jump in with SLs you like and get to know... pass on the messers that you dont like, this problem is simply on you.

    taking options from players like that, that simply dont want to play with you, is a little childish... you cant force people to be your friends... and if your not a nice person and the squad leader wants you gone for either holding up a kit or not having a mic or not speaking the same language not following ord... ext he has the right to get rid of you for what ever reason they desire.

    the game in general needs more options not less. find a community and find what your looking for there mostlikly will be a server for your wants. happy hunting.

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