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Improved communication OWI talking about - Devblog about Tech debt

Jedi89Jedi89 Member Posts: 8

Lots of people know that there was no Update since 18.08.2021 called V2.11, which brought only not-optimized map Anvil and some very small changes.

OWI claim that they are working hard on "tech debt" cleaning to fix the base code of game and prepare it for future content. Unfortunately except this empty term there were never any informations/pictures or any kind of sign what it actually means to clean the tech debt.

I challange OWI, community manager and devs to improve communication as promised and prepare devblog about what was actually done since August 2021 in terms of "tech debt" cleaning .

I imagine this kind of devblog as in depth explanation of:

  1. What was actually done,
  2. What are the problems,
  3. What's the status of "tech debt" cleaning?

Maybe something more?

Since the beginning I claim that "tech debt" is just an empty, meaningless term to throw something to the public. Something that cannot be checked, asked, undermined.

I'm very curious about your reaction.

Prove me wrong!



  • sneakylikeasneksneakylikeasnek Member Posts: 89 ★★

    Don't worry, they're working on improving communication! Just look at how many times they've mentioned it! They're working on the super secrete formula to finally figure out how to improve communication! Almost there!

  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 487 ★★

    They can't tell you what's being done when nothing is being done.

  • 3S_Moe3S_Moe Member Posts: 115 ★★

    Just look at how many times they've mentioned it!

    So many communications about improved communications. Muchas comunicacion. I almost feel over communicated about the amount of communication they are about to communicate to us.

  • PharanaitonPharanaiton Member Posts: 16 ★★
    edited January 27

    Where did they get this idea that we want all this communication? All they need to do is speak the truth and then the communication can remain whatever it was. The development of squad is the issue!

  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 487 ★★

    No communication is communication in itself.

  • sneakylikeasneksneakylikeasnek Member Posts: 89 ★★

    Well, being able to explain what the issue is regarding development would be great. Hence the want for communication. Starting to think that maybe the reason development is slowing down is something they just don't want to bring up, so they keep their lips mostly sealed.

  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 487 ★★
    edited February 2

    That's how you know the answer is worse for them than silence(regarding those issues).

    So you know how bad it is at OWI.

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