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[CI] Corrupted Infantry

FinchFinch Member Posts: 3 ★★

[CI] Corrupted Infantry

We started as a group of friends who wanted to bring a better squad experience through communication and teamwork.

We are a casual new player community who loves to play squad and have fun together. Whether you are a brand new player or have hit the 1000+ hour club, everyone is welcome as long as you want to have fun or get involved with our scrims and events.

We have weekly community nights where we get on and play games together, whether that's Squad or some other game. We even get on cam and show our faces and have a laugh!

Our servers:

#1 [CI] Corrupted Infantry | New Player/Teamwork Friendly | ENG

#2 [CI] Corrupted Infantry | Invasion 24/7 | ENG

#3 [CI] Corrupted Infantry | Events Server

#4 [CI] Corrupted Infantry | Match and Training Server

Our Websites:



Our Discord:


Our Community:

Events- We host weekly events such as scripted events, new game modes, mod play throughs; such as new factions or maps and one life events!

We make our mods on the SDK meaning that anything is possible! With a dedicated Modding team, Events team, Training team, Recruitment Team and importantly a dedicated Admin Team (that is able to cover all time zones) we are able to accomodate all sorts of players and would love to see you on board!

We are actively recruiting, one of our Training Team will be able to help you in our Discord. As part of our recruitment program our Recruits go through a 'casual

See #join-ci on our Discord to join.

We are also aspiring Squad Competitive Players that are looking to bring those who are interested into a team looking to become one of the best!


  • YouniqueYounique Member Posts: 4

    One of, if not THE BEST Squad communities to be in rn.

    CI = ❤️

  • CorruptCorrupt Member Posts: 2 Civilian

    Amazing community! Would highly recommend!

  • CorruptCorrupt Member Posts: 2 Civilian

    Amazing community! Would highly recommend!

  • WashingmachineWashingmachine Member Posts: 2 Civilian

    I'm really proud to be part of a community like this, would suggest this community more than the Squad 😏

  • DutchWarriorDutchWarrior Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    A new recruit that did the training yesterday. Learned alot of new stuff. Cant wait for the next training 😍

  • HuberHuber Member Posts: 6 Civilian

    hi im a new player to squad i have around 10 hours played. Im not new to FPS games though ive been playing since cs 1.6, i have thousands of hours played on Battlefield games and cod games, i have a decent amount of time played in arma games, and i have play a few hour of BF2:PR. Im looking for a community to play with it would make my experience a lot better and help me learn.

  • FinchFinch Member Posts: 3 ★★

    bump :)

  • DimtriProDimtriPro Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    best community I've ever seen (CI ❤️) 

  • ArnoldArnold Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    Hey guys !

    I'm a english speaking french frog, and I would like to join your little tea club. Why ? Because usualy it is on your serveur that I'm having my best games !

    I swear I wont drop my rifle before droping the enemy squad and emptying my mags. And if I do, it will only to bayonet charge them :)

    I'm capable in most roles except maybe heli pilot and SL. But I have a lovely passion for AT and everything regarding firing powder packed prefragmented fireworks at an enemy vehicle or squad :)

    Soooooo... Can I have a biscuit with that tea ?

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