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SSC is recruting

BimssteinBimsstein Member Posts: 2

Who are we?

The Sunday Squad Club is a team of dedicated Squad-players that try to get the best out of every round.

We are not planning to join the competitive scene, but nevertheless we try to get the best out of every round we play. Sometimes that means some toe to toe infantry, some excessive vehicle gameplay or just having fun with some nonsense. Important thing to know is, that we are international and our main language is english. But don't be afraid. We are all no native speakers.

What are we doing?

First of all we are playing SQUAD. We provide voluntary trainings, but most importantly we want to have fun, but still some serious gameplay.

When are we online?

Our main playtimes are Friday and Sunday, but there are people online nearly every day. We organise ourselfs around the european and west-asian zimezones.

What we offer:

- regular activity

- open minded and international community ([EU/Afr/W-Asia])

- easy to access structures (everything as simple as possible)

- very active homeserver with active admins and whitelisting

Other stuff:

What we don't want are tryhards and toxic people. Beside that it doesn't matter if you are brand-new or an old veteran ... you are welcome!


Because i cant post links yet, write a comment and we will get in touch with you. (will be later editet with a link to contact us)


  • EiterEiter Member Posts: 2 ★★

    Hey everyone,

    I think OWI prefers it if we reuse our old stuff instead of posting new posts.

    So I put it here....

    We are now having our own server that is focused on Territory Control and other gamemodes. Also we have some more active players from Africa and other places, which just underlines our international approach.

    Cause its easier for us to update that I post a link here (I hope it works). The Forum is a bit strangely setup, so if you wonder why some things are posted a bit complicated and are not looking very professional, than that's cause how the administrors did things.

    If you try to get in contact with us, please find everything here: https://sunday-squad.club

  • FurzgasKriegerFurzgasKrieger Member Posts: 7 Civilian

    I love you guys!

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