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Squad Developer Q&A October

OWI_WedgeOWI_Wedge Posts: 40 Admin
edited October 2021 in Squad Developer Q&A

Hello Squaddies,

This is the first ever Join Squad Forums Developer Q&A where you, the players, get to ask the people who made Squad all about the game! We hope this will be yet another great channel of communication between us at Offworld Industries and our players. As this is an experiment, we may tweak things as we go along, and will be reviewing how to make the process better.

A few rules for this Questions thread:

  • Post your questions as a reply to this post, in this specific thread
  • Please do your best to keep the questions short and to the point, it’s too easy to misunderstand a question if it’s contained in several paragraphs of notes.
  • Any debate surrounding the questions should be done elsewhere in the forums and not in this thread. 
  • We will not be answering every question, but depending on the volume we may save some questions for future weeks. There also may be questions we just don’t answer.
  • Make sure that you ask a question, this isn’t a time to debate a design decision with the team. If you want to ask about the reasoning behind something in Squad that’s fine, but don’t use your question to tell us why you’d have done it differently.
  • Keep the questions polite and constructive. We will be deleting any questions that we feel are in bad faith or are obviously trolling. Word your questions right and they’re more likely to get addressed.
  • Good: “Why did the team do X?”
  • Bad: “Why did you idiots do X and ruin the game?”
  • Anything that is not a question may be removed to keep this thread easily readable. If you have a comment about someone else’s question please take that outside of this thread.

Ultimately we would like to do this on an ongoing basis if it goes well. However, that requires a great selection of questions, and that you, the community, find it useful. As noted this takes time away from Squad’s development, which is a resource we guard closely, so we will only continue to do it if players enjoy it.

Thank you for taking the time to submit your questions, and we look forward to answering them!

  • Offworld Industries 

Update: The Q&A is now posted here: October Squad Developer Q&A : Squad – Communicate. Coordinate. Conquer. (joinsquad.com)



  • RafkeRafke Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    Where does development stand on the Commander vehicle requisition points system? What's the team's opinion on if/when it should be implemented?

  • MooneefMooneef Member Posts: 2 Civilian

    Replays are currently not allowed on any server because people might access them during the game and see where the enemy is. Is there any work on improving the replay system? For example, we can only view it after the game is over.

  • Alexei_BladeAlexei_Blade Member Posts: 11 ★★

    Hello. Here are a few questions I have in my mind :

    1- Do you have any future plans for in-game optimization in general? (some maps are more or less optimized than others)

    2- Do you have any future plans regarding the implementation of new content created by the community and incorporated into the game with the DLC system like with the Canadian Armed Forces? (French faction mod, Australians...)

    3- Do you have any future plans to promote the more serious and competitive aspect that Squad allows; whether it be through daily announcements (highlighting certain small tournaments for example), or by organizing specific events such as OISC?

    Thank you 🤗

  • ShaggnarShaggnar Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    Has there been any though given to encouraging squad cohesion though game mechanics?

    I find that in public matches it's an uphill battle trying to keep players from running off on their own. Mechanics like tying suppression to local coms range, nerfing shift to steady or removing the range from the SL mark in place of a laser designator would make players fighting on their own less effective, but just as effective when in a group.

    Any thoughts on this? I think it would be a huge boost to immersion, realism, gameplay and nudging new players in the right direction.


  • sneakylikeasneksneakylikeasnek Member Posts: 91 ★★

    Will the roadmap update reflect only the things that were on it previously, or will you guys show other features that have been brought up since that roadmap's inception?

    For example, any upcoming changes to suppression, or the physical supply crate system of which a prototype video is available. It feels like there's a lot going on that doesn't see the light of day, and discussion of the game's balancing and future are a lot easier when there's a clear picture of what the finished product looks like.

  • DoinksAhoyDoinksAhoy Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    With the lighting&shadows update inevitably coming to Squad, along with maps being updated to a better visual standard - Will we be seeing any updates to vehicles in terms of usage, coax being fixed, better vision, or defensive abilities?

  • Reclown6Reclown6 Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    now I dont know much about game developing but from my understanding amphibious vics are one of the main holdups for v3 and i was just wondering what about them and what is taking v3 so long on release

  • Funnee_MonkeFunnee_Monke Member Posts: 3

    So whats the situation on the T-90A, bmp-3, bmp-2m that was talked about a lil bit ago? Are we gonna see them in v3 👀? Are we gonna see new vehicles added to some of the current factions like the US or MEA?

    Thanks 😀!!!

  • ComuneComune Member Posts: 3

    There will be topographic maps in the future? IT WOULD HELP THE LEADERS A LOT!

  • LouLou Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    Is there anything you can comment on the issue of defending a friendly point? Atm some of the squad community has notice that most players don't find defending entertaining enough to stop them running off to the next point.

    Also with the v2.12 update do you think the changes made to the cap speed will bring aid this issue or push players in the opposite direction?


  • pilla99pilla99 Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    Is the development team thinking about Moving to Unreal Engine 5, and taking advantage of its technical features anytime soon? IE Lumen or Nanite? How big would the technical lift from UE4 to UE5 be?

  • Daddy-BabyDaddy-Baby Member Posts: 6 ★★

    Are you working about ragdolls improvements ? And how status of that and when we will see it in the game ?

  • DarthJarjarDarthJarjar Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    Are you guys considering making a console version of Squad anytime in the future?

  • Winters_SinWinters_Sin Member Posts: 6 ★★

    With a new CM, will the Squad partner program accept any new partners?

  • BadBoiBbBadBoiBb Member Posts: 4 Civilian

    Can we get more features such as.

    1. (Striker) missile out of the sky to stop camping vehicles (fast inbound in game)(long cool down). (Command)
    2. faster cool down time for A-10 and su-rocket for repelling infantry push (but take some time for plane to inbound). (Command)
    3. Insurgents gets little bird for heli maps for fast supply runs.
    4. iron sight (only) to be larger (explanation (your cheeks on the buttstock of the gun, add 2 more feet from your face to the monitor does not align). Guns with optics are fine.
    5. more recoil so a player Must realigned every aim after each shot.
    6. heal pack at ammo crates (sometimes there no medic around or tight community server doesn’t want to heal other players).
    7. cheaper defensive structure cost and faster build time (sandbags and hesco walls and such) (not emplacements or hab) (funnier for invasion mode)
    8. (Armor) get indicator of a square and a line showing which way the turret is facing (on hud).
    9. Driver maybe get a special key bind for fire extinguisher (inside the hull) if he fast enough. (Armor)
    10. bring back the screen where it shows how the “squad” should move as a loading screen (before vehicle was introduced).
    11. TC game mode should dominate sector by sector (maybe 2-3 hexagon wide) instead of having one team OP one side of the map just to get cut off by one squad and have the Entire team discombobulated.
    12. insurgency game mode should indicate to the enemy team where the cache at. (Only when the game start) At the beginning of the game but (Idk a red circle or enlarge original mark) 500-400m wide. Keep defensive force time normal to set up defense.
    13. voice button that say “thanks” or auto say after each revive and full heals
    14. reverse prone position for dynamic gameplay
    15. slide would be cool but major stamina drainage or slow cool down
    16. more to come but I’ve been drinking a bit ;P just thought of interest
  • HighspeedHighspeed Member Posts: 20 ★★

    My questions:

    1. Why was there a muzzle flash implemented for the M4s and M16s in the latest patch? These weapons do not have flashes IRL.
    2. Will there be options in the future to configure your server and make it more realistic? (ie: remove muzzle flash from weapons that don't have them like the M4 and M16)
    3. Will you be allowing for a proper squad in the future? As it stands SLs end up being Alpha lead and in order to get two FTLs under him he has to create a Charlie fireteam and leave himself in Alpha.
    4. Will you allow for bullet ricochet (ie: under vehicles, along walls) in the future.
    5. Why was lighting and shadows randomly added to the roadmap when there are so many other things we care about?
    6. What happened to your 2 week (or was it one month) sprint updates?
  • NukegodNukegod Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    Hello there representatives of Offworld Industries !

    First of all, thank you for making such an amazing Mil-Sim FPS. I love playing SQUAD for hours almost daily. Ok here are my top 4 questions:

    1) Can there be a way to filter out servers with a user input ping variable? Such as I just want to see servers that are ≤ 90ms. I know you can do it through steam servers list, but joining a server through steam never works for me.

    2) Will there ever be a Chinese faction? I know that China has a thing about games representing their country, but if you guys are allowed to add them, that would be some amazing new content to play with.

    3) Will there be any improvements for vehicle physics coming up? I love to play armor from time to time, but get really bummed out when my vehicle flips out like I'm on the Moon or something. A lot of the times I flip out during low to medium speeds. Also is there a way to improve vehicle vertical speeds on maps such as Manic and Skorpo? I find that people avoid logi runs on those maps due to the slow speeds on paved roads.

    4) Will co-pilots ever be able to "zoom in" during free look?

    Thank you for the opportunity to ask questions with possible feedback. Most game companies tend to ignore their player base, and it makes it seem like another product than a work of art. Keep up the great work!

  • app10032app10032 Member Posts: 2 Civilian

    Hey OWI,

    Huge fan of your work, it's fantastic how far squad has come since the initial Kickstarter.

    1. Are there any plans on updating the older maps of the game (Al Basrah & Chora). The newer maps really make the older ones stick out like a sour thumb.
    2. Do you plan on exploring Africa as a theme at some point in the future? There could be some excellent maps and factions come out of that continent.
    3. Will we see more modded maps (i.e Anvil) being added to the base game in the future? Maps like Panjwai and Douentza would make a good fit.
  • Aussie faction when?

  • bouya_tetsubouya_tetsu Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    Are there any plans to implement player-controlled attack helicopters or attack jets?

    If the answer is NO, is there a 0% chance of that happening?

  • bejnenbejnen Member Posts: 3 Civilian
    1. Why did You reamove backup sights feature? It just needed to be scrolled down instead of up.
    2. Why It takes so long to fix glithes like moving vehicles in staging phase, unloading tank gun while switching to coaxial?
    3. Will You add separate ADS FOV, so We don't feel sick while being able to use binoculars? (I don't see ability to FOV come back to 90 while ADSing being competitive advantage/disatvantage. You should be able to turn it on/off anyway)
    4. Will We see ANY environment destruction? It's annoying when 1m tall tree stops 60+ tons tank...
  • eR4ieR4i Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    Is there going to be IOSC this year? What are your plans for future Squad tournaments?

    Can we save the Demo for each round and view it freely?

  • SRA BuddySRA Buddy Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    As a server admin I'd like to know when you can get the votemap up and running

  • SinArvedSinArved Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    Best regards to the developers! English is not my mother tongue, so please forgive me for all kinds of mistakes.

    Here are my questions:

    1.Will topographic maps appear in the future?

    2.Will armed vehicles have modern fire control in the future? Or modern equipment such as thermal imaging?

    3.Will Pan Asia be based on the 2000s or 2020? You know, their equipment has changed dramatically over the years.

    4.Will the fire team have their own voice channel?

    5.The content of the game will be more hardcore, entertainment, or both?like PR or BF?

    6.What will the insurgency mode look like after overhaul?

    7.Will OP FirstLight return to the map pool? This map is so classic.

    These are some of my questions at present. Thanks a lot.😀

  • mikeytroomikeytroo Member Posts: 1 Civilian



    1. At which point would team view Squad as "completed" product ? Completed In regards to happy with the current state while still acknowledging more could be done but finished with it to focus on new products or new iterations of the franchise. How close do you think you are to these point ?
    2. Is team still fully committed to implementing all changes which were revealed on the roadmap ? Have any possible items from the roadmap been scraped or put aside?
    3. OWI have multiple projects/products now. How large of a team is only focused on implementing roadmap planned changes ?

    Firstly I don't want to offend anyone or upset the community, I've enjoyed playing Squad over the years but I think in a way its completed product and the team should focus on new products/projects.

    Thank you

  • bluescreenbluescreen Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    Do you guys have any plan on reworking Al-Basrah? 

  • notlaeffynotlaeffy Member Posts: 3 Civilian

    Could you tell us the status for the USMC update and will they also get M1A1 Abrams tank

  • N0_Im_your_fatherN0_Im_your_father Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    Hey OWI,

    1. Have mods like Steel Division, Combined Forces Mod, and "Fast ropes" (that was developed by Jhett) influenced your perspective and how you might implement other types of helicopters?
    2. With the popularity of the Steel division mod, can we expect to see things like NVGs, flashlights, day/night cycles in the base game?
    3. Are there already plans on how the Militia faction might be reworked?
    4. Will we get to see helicopters over Fallujah once fast ropes are released? And what's the current status of fast ropes? With Jhett having already made a working mod for them a while ago, I'm wondering if there is anything else holding it back.
    5. With the planned introduction of amphibious vehicles in v3, can we expect to see other bluefor(US, GB, CAF) factions to also get amphibious vehicles besides the USMC?

    Kind regards, No I'm your father.

  • rumhamrumham Member Posts: 3

    I understand gun resting was brought up back in like 2017 and we were told that this mechanic would not work in the games build at that time. Is this something that might still be able to be accomplished or should I just get over it lol much love either way so far you've built one of the best mil sim games in existence.

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