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Constructive Posting

[Deleted User][Deleted User] Vancouver, B.C.Posts: 0 ★★★

We freely acknowledge that there will be times when your experience with game performance or balance will be different from your expectations. As such it is not only acceptable but encouraged for you to feedback on areas of the Squad game or live services when it does not meet your anticipated standards. In order for your concerns to be acted on most effectively, we require that your comments remain constructive at all times. “This sucks,” tells us nothing about the problem or what you believe would remedy it.

We cannot guarantee that it is possible to immediately rectify problems that occur or resolve outages in live services but we are committed to doing so as quickly as possible. This goal will be significantly aided with your help in reporting issues in a constructive fashion – the more thorough and accurate your reporting of anything that comes up, the better we’ll be able to act on that feedback.

If you are particularly interested in helping to improve the game and try out new features before they’re released to the public keep an eye out for invitations to our Squad – Public Testing sessions. We regularly have sessions before major releases, and your feedback will often be taken into consideration if we’ve large numbers of applicants.


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