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Is this a cheat? We have never seen anything like this before.

TPBurrowTPBurrow Member Posts: 17 ★★

We were playing on TSQ - Learning encouraged server.


We had just started the game, we were capping our first two flags, we took an MTLB and started driving towards contact, as the driver I was surprised to see a mine in the road, knowing full well it was almost impossible to get an engineer this far across the map so early.

We stopped to dig it down and our squad mate saw another mine being laid by invisible hands in front of our MTLB, which he dug down, then another was placed. This is when I got out of the MTLB and requested an admin, THe admin was unable to find any enemy in that location. A short time later I was C4ed as you can see in the video.

We are unable to locate any Discord for THQ, nor any recruitment post on the forum. Even if we could I am not sure there is much they could do. Is there anything you can do?

We also have a recording from the squaddie who tried to dig the mine down, from his perspective you can see the mine being placed before his eyes.


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