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Since 3.0, random crashed.

pigsouppigsoup Member Posts: 1 Civilian


Since 3.0, from time to time, when I am running Squad, my computer (not game) crashes. The display cuts out - the desktop is still on, but there are no signals to my monitors. The game audio also cuts out, but if I have something playing in the background, they are still playing. Since I cannot do anything with monitors not receiving any signals, I have to hard reset my PC.

It may seem like my GPU issue, but this only happens with Squad. I play other games, I use drafting and rendering tools that are just as heavy/heavier on my CPU/GPU. So I am wondering if anyone has a guess to what this could be related to, initially at least.

My basic spec is:

Ryzen 7 3700X 8 core,

32gb ram

MSI RTX 3070

m2.nvme (windows 10 and Squad on it)

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