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Dear Devs/players.

retoksh0wretoksh0w Member Posts: 2 Civilian

Hello! I introduce myself:

I am Carlos. I have more than 20 years of experience in FPS at the competition level.

I have been playing and testing all the Squad mechanics for about 8 months now. I come to propose types of improvements to try to make the players' experience more immersive.

- It should be noted that the game has many good concepts at the level of dynamic insertion, giving the player a military experience that has never been achieved before.

- Unfortunately, the game does not have any kind of progression. This when it comes to valuing a game is vital, since being something so immersive, they should be able to have some kind of progress so that players are motivated to achieve certain goals. Currently the game, even being one of the best simulation games, does not stand out. But it stands out not because of its gameplay, but because of its lack of personal goals at the account level.

- A game whose objective is to conquer, work as a team, etc.. must have a progression so that the player feels benefited from a certain task, and that can give him many hours of play, since otherwise, it becomes a game without objectives and recurring, in which it is more likely that people play 20h and get a bit bored.

- Another strong point to highlight from my point of view would be a MatchMaking with scores, with a slight progression in which it leads the players to play in a more realistic way and that they really fight for victory and not in such a passive way .

I hope you understand what I want to expose since my language is not English.

Greetings soldiers.


  • retoksh0wretoksh0w Member Posts: 2 Civilian

    A clear example of goal progressions in accounts is the Atari Alien game.

    It was a very very casual game, but when the developers put in a scoring system, the game increased its popularity by more than 700%.

    The basis of a game is the personal satisfaction of progression, whether in improvements, skins, level, KDR, etc; and in the challenges that you are able to meet in it.

  • PharanaitonPharanaiton Member Posts: 18 ★★

    The progression you have in Squad is getting better at the game by playing it. And getting the acknowledgement from your team members, for example your squadleader who thanks you for listening/making the shot.

    Squad players don't want a 700% popularity increase, heck not even 50!

    Squad players want people who have an interest and respect for anything military beyond video games, to then be reflected inside the game. Hence not being bothered with having to wait before the action begins. Not being bothered with an order to disengage...

    Squad is all about being average joe's, operating in a bigger scheme.

  • PixelatedPixelated Member Posts: 6 Civilian

    I would like to see a progression system based on teamwork score. It will help people determine who can be commander and who shouldnt be. As well, I would like to see hit/miss points for the weapons you use. However it would only be for the thing you use. Some people just choose the kit that goes boom and they run off not listening to you. There should be more punishments for people who dont listen to direction.

  • thebiglezthebiglez Member Posts: 40 ★★

    I agree that Squad would be better with a simple progression system.

    Just so you know who you are playing with.

    As an SL it would be very helpful if you know how experienced everyone in your squad is.

  • PhoenixstormPhoenixstorm Member Posts: 31 ★★
    edited October 2022

    That is usualy done by listining, do they speak if they join the squad or do you need them to ask to speak.

    Do spawn right away or wait, do they spawn near the Squad or far away.

    Did they pick the next fancy role or somthing vital that is needed.

    When they speak, what do they say. How do they use Squad and Local voip.

    And most importently how do they react when a firefight breaks out.

    These things are all you need to know to have an overall estimate of how exp. your teamate is and takes 5-10 min.

  • Nuh-uh-uhNuh-uh-uh Member Posts: 2 Civilian

    I disagree I have over 1200hrs in this game and I couldn’t care less for a progression system.

    adding one would only take away from the squad experience

    lets say for example you have a progression bar for captured objectives, sure you would entice more players to actually go and capture objectives but would they move to objectives rather than follow squad leader instructions maybe your squad leader has identified a FOB that needs to be removed first and now 2-3 squad mates are running to get progression points instead ?

    What if you had a progression bar for machine gunner would they take that over LAT or medic that the squad needs even if your team was getting blasted by a bmp or you had 5 downed squad mates

    Also if squad leads could see you had zero progression on the HAT kit I don’t think I need to explain how that would work out

    I think the lack of progression type garbage is actually refreshing in this game if you want a progression bar go play call of duty.

    Something simple I could get behind would be a stat tracker, kills/deaths, kills with each weapon or vehicle something like that.

  • PanternPantern Member Posts: 6

    The only progression system I could see for Squad would be a visual progression that shows how much you've played Squad. the developers of Burning Lands are planning to add it into their game and I like the idea of it.

    An example would be,

    1. 0-50hrs, Fresh Recruit (no wear and tear on the uniform)

    2. 50-250hrs, Recruit (minor wear and tear on the uniform)

    3. 250-500hrs, soldier (wear and tear on the uniform)

    4. 500-1000hrs, Seasoned soldier (change of color nuance + wear and tear on the uniform)

    5. 1000hrs + Veteran (change of color nuance + more wear and tear on the uniform)

  • Oskar MikeOskar Mike Member Posts: 7 Civilian

    lol scoring in milsim?

    if you want to play action arena - play action arena, there is progressioning, unlockable contents and all BF stuff

    I never could understand in-game features like soldier buy their gear, repair gear for their own money, should kill over9k enemies to become wise enough so you can just take better weapon in hands with muzzle out of your face and use it like your previous weapon... maybe PMC buy their gear, but not regular corps, especially during the war.

  • vaktyukvaktyuk Member Posts: 3 Civilian

    Dear Devs,

    Can you kick the asses of the EAC team please! 5 $/days price of the hacks to your game. Lot of old (paraphenomen) players return to the game after a year who are know anything on the maps.

    Please try make an own cheat checker please. Or make new mode (pure mode) what is only let running windows, steams, discord and ect. files when your game is running on the PC.

    Other solutions: make screenshot at random times in game and upload to a server (including players data) where running an image recognation like a google lentis or somelike same software spot out the paraphenomens. If that software find something on the screenshot send up the they Steam ID to the VAC or make an own database.

    The biggest problem is not aimers in this game the wall hack meaning a much larger problem in Squad. And other without WH autoaim pulls it the caracter. With out WH paraphenomens game will be more difficult.

    Thx for reading Me.

    Sry for My dizzy English!

  • vaktyukvaktyuk Member Posts: 3 Civilian

    You game will be even popular if the Squad be cheater free. But I think will be popular for only the news of the own cheat hunter software too and few paraphenomens starts get scared for to news.

  • vaktyukvaktyuk Member Posts: 3 Civilian

    Hi man,

    Did you heard about the rank sign?? Difference only coming with the after played hours in the game. Like in the real war. With times in the Squad bring practice. If you achived 150 hours in the game you will got a rank of corporal at steam like skind of the antitanks. Next level starts will be a 250 hours your hat with higher rank sing etc. ect.

    But agree with you to big difference not good and not close to real.

  • TUROCKTUROCK Member Posts: 26 Civilian
    edited February 9

    Dear Carlos,

    "I am Turock" (the same on N64, 1998👁️), 20 years FPS ( competitive or any FPS 🤷) 3 000 hours in squad since 2016 but we don't care, it's not an argument..

    My answer : SQUAD is not a damned competitive game..... Matchmaking ?... Kill me please ..

    SQUAD became more casual with the news updates.. Please..we don't have to kill the game by some suggestions wich comefrom blueberries. it's can be good to have a "sort" of progression system. But if we analuys "correctly" the game mechanics.... it's works well because there is not a AAA game progression system OMG !!!

    The game increased its popularity by more than 700% and earn more money for maybe more update ?

    honnestly... "imagine be SL (a daddy 🧙‍♂️) with 3K hours in squad and have 700% chance to have blueberries (children 👨‍🎓👩‍🎓) in the squad ?...💀"

    I am joking but it's true too ( free weekend insight 👻 )

    I think, and i hope the dev has no time to works on it...

    PS : there is some good ideas by the way on some answer @Pantern and good answer. So thanks Carlos for this thread, you are not totally wrong but it's not adapt for this kind of game. SQUAD is a "tactical FPS"..Rainbow Six was design has a realistic shooter at start, he became a casual & competitive game..you have to make a choice !

    Cheers !🍻

  • apple senpieapple senpie Member Posts: 5 Civilian

    The concept of player recognition is valuable on servers that someone plays frequently, but in an effort to recognize players across multiple servers or a longer period of time it may be beneficial to have some sort of rank associated with your account. Something available on the tab screen perhaps. I agree that in-game progression would not fit the spirit of the game unless it's internal to a singular match.

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