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the hell cannon is awesome, I think the game would be a lot cooler if the commander could only use a single ability like the A10 but more often, and add something like the hell cannon for other factions like artillery



    I personally think putting IEDs on drones is not realistic because they are heavier explosive than what insurgents use IRL like a measly 40mm or slightly more. might as well add something like that, where it drops a 40mm and has to go back to a radio to resupply another round to drop deadly accurate grenade on a target with a drone. that is all.

    IED bikes are alright and realistic, i think there should be an armored car bomb vehicle that moves slightly slower with a larger radius explosion, the size of an entire police compound area. that is all.

    besides the vehicle physics, minor bugs and some fine tuning and balancing the game is really good.

    just please fix the vehicle clipping issue

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