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PharanaitonPharanaiton belgiumMember Posts: 16 ★★

When holding F you find an icon in the radial menu for requesting ownership of the vehicle.

Squad leaders can get annoyed about the vehicle request pop up and even kick you for it if they think you want to get inside it when all you wanted to do was take some ammo.

Therefore a separate button in the radial menu would be ideal.


  • WhyPhyWhyPhy Member Posts: 19 ★★

    Not going to lie: if you SL kicks you for a pop-up, you have a rather bad or angry SL. like all you SL has to do is press "page-up" or just ignore it 😅

    In general, I don't really see any benefit for an extra key/button, like all it will do is just create an extra click to claim a vehicle which might prove annoying if you want to get in a vehicle quickly for example when you are under fire.

  • XXPX1XXPX1 Member Posts: 46 ★★
    edited April 2021

    +1 from me.

    Squad leaders have enough going on and clogging up their screen and the squad comms to say "I'm just grabbing ammo, ignore the vehicle request." is annoying.

    As someone who frequently plays AT, I use random empty logi and transport trucks all the time to rearm or just check the ammo status so I know where to fall back to for another rocket.

    Combine the radial menu button suggestion with this suggestion at the same time. :)

  • 3S_Moe3S_Moe Member Posts: 128 ★★


    The comment above regarding SL's being bad for kicking you does not negate the fact that it happens. We seem to live in a society anymore where all we do is blame "them" or "you" when sometimes the answer is to make a change so the issue doesn't happen to begin with.

    I would love to see the menu changed. The solution could be as easy and simple as pressing "F" and then having a radial menu option where you "request" the vehicle with a click, instead of it being auto-requested when you press F to begin with.

    So glad to see the forums back up and running. Relying on Discord for discussions and feedback was horrible.

  • Doctor HammerDoctor Hammer Member Posts: 23 ★★

    I agree with this, as an SL main, I absolutely hate this function of constant pop ups. So I'd be happy with a radial button or even just a smaller message alert. The latter would be the band aid fix, and former would be the appropriate fix.

    I really prefer the days where these kind of messages were minimal white text messages in top left hand corner, not big blocky messages.

  • ThiagolpvThiagolpv Member Posts: 22 ★★


    The big pop-up is annoying

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