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Online Training serious issues

shamshireshamshire Member Posts: 1 Civilian

Online version of the training map is constantly getting updated. People tend to join these servers to either train or just have fun. There are two issues on the current status of this map, Jensen's Training Range.

Issue with Commanders:

I understand that commander should be included so people can learn how to use it, however, 9 times out of 10, people abuse the commander abilities. So often are people spamming artillery and air strikes on the main base that it ultimately makes the server unable to do anything.

Purposed solution:

Remove the ability to place these strikes on the main base. There are several "safe zones" already located inside the main base. Instead of a safe zone (unable to fire or receive damage), instead make the whole base unable to have commander strikes inside.

Issue with FOB Radios:

Again, FOB radios should be in training but currently able to place an infinite amount, as well as placing them wherever you choose. People are abusing this feature on several fronts: blocking exits from spawns, placing them on helicopter spawns so when the helicopter does spawn it instantly blows up and placing an infinite amount to try to crash the server.

Purposed solution:

Make a finite amount to which a single player can use (just like every other ammo count) and make them unavailable in Safe Zones.

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