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Designated Squads

LoneboiLoneboi Member Posts: 1 Civilian

I know this may be a bit of an overhaul, but I feel as if this could really improve the organization of how each squad will play and cooperate with each other. Let's take an armor squad for example, I've noticed in some games how there could be an armor squad with the name of the type of vehicle they'd be taking, but another infantry squad leader has asked for a couple of its members to take crewman so they could grab said vehicle which makes the squad that was supposed to be armor be out of it for a few until the vehicle gets destroyed or something. This is why I believe that a designated armor squad could improve organization in a game. Another example would be something like a recon squad which is a more prominent example of how organization and teamwork would be improved. There are people who spam to get a sniper role when they get in with a squad as a Canadian or insurgent and proceed to not talk to the squad or either move with the squad (the marksman's role) when a sniper's role is really supposed to be to scout and call out enemy positions (infantry and vehicles) from behind enemy lines with their spotter. Having one or two designated two-man scout/recon squads can add more strategy and a newer threat to look out for in a game. This addition of the recon squad could also warrant the addition of each team's actual sniper rifle. I'm not sure how much work would have to go into this as I'm not a developer, but I was just thinking that this could change how a game would go for a team and would make for a more engaging experience with more depth and fluidity to it.


  • bankruptcubanbankruptcuban Member Posts: 4 Civilian

    This could also work for machine gun squads where there could be a machine gunner and a Assistant Gunner and the AG could set up a tripod and when the gunner sets down his machine gun he loads a longer belt onto it with a lot more ammo for better suppression

  • ItchypantzItchypantz Member Posts: 24 Civilian

    Armour Squads are for babies. Play the game. If you lose your vehicle, spawn at main and get a new kit. Making dinner for 15 minutes while you wait for the tank is no way to help your team. And a locked Squad 15 who spelled the name of his favourite vehicle correctly should not get any precedence over anyone. If the only thing you want to do is make someone drive a tank for you, you should go play War Thunder.

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