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Game Crashes on Launch / Starting Sep 9, 2022

NiftyyNiftyy Member Posts: 2 Civilian

I have been playing squad for pretty much nonstop for the past 5 weeks, or more.

Starting today I tried to launch Squad after the update and it gets to the loading screen and that's it. I cant get to the server browser screen. I've restarted steam, my pc, did the Nvidia update. Everything. It worked less then 24 hours ago. This is a hard crash too. I cant even go into task manager, alt tab or anything when it happens. I'm forced to restart my pc every time it doesn't work. Yes, my pc is better then the recommended specs.

Thanks in advance for the help


  • NiftyyNiftyy Member Posts: 2 Civilian

    I've also verified game files. Still not working. Any help would be appreciated

  • TomReaganTomReagan Member Posts: 3 Civilian

    Guess I'am lucky since I can at least close Squad with the Task manager. Have the same problem since update to 3.2 but I think they don't really care. Haven't heard anything from the developers that they are even aware of this issue. I have played for 5 Years but with 3.2 the game became unplayable overnight.

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