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Mic not recognized in game. VOIP

Lester_Doodis Lester_Doodis Member Posts: 8 Civilian

It works in discord. It works in steam.

Followed OWI troubleshooting. Disabling evething worked for a few games. After shutting down my computer it won't work again.

I've tried another mic


All USB ports

Control panel settings

Steam and discord settings

Each time I exit squad and occasionally will restart pc.

Just wanna play squad. The comms are the best part. Any help is appreciated


  • soraflairsoraflair Member Posts: 55 ★★

    Is it set as your "default device" in windows?

    Alternatively, have you tried the input, and output audio settings?

    (I want to show a picture, but I don't have enough points to do so.)

  • Lester_Doodis Lester_Doodis Member Posts: 8 Civilian

    Yep, I've tried about everything that has been suggested online plus a few more things. Today I tried reinstalling discord. I signed into a new steam account purchased squad again. And I also purchased beyond the wire, lone behold, had the same issue in that OWI game.

    I'm running a corsair HS60. Hoping to borrow another headset and try that.

  • Lester_Doodis Lester_Doodis Member Posts: 8 Civilian

    I am working with my good friend who is an audio engineer, over discord, to get my mic working. Everything on my end is good. I am beating this thing to death.

    The last I remember My mic working was on al basra invasion. Someone was trying to place IED in main. I said you cannot place bombs in main. Another guys said " you cannot say bomb. You can't say bomb. don't say bomb." Thought it was weird. I'm probably reading to much into this tho.

  • invisible.nininvisible.nin Member Posts: 28 Moderator

    Sadly, USB Microphones are a long time compatibility issue in Squad. Some people apparently got it sorted with an adapter. Possibly it could be sorted by upgrading/downgrading the headset drivers or by changing the mic audio frequency, in case you didn't already do so.

  • invisible.nininvisible.nin Member Posts: 28 Moderator

    You could also try virtual audio cable, as a workaround.

  • soraflairsoraflair Member Posts: 55 ★★

    Hmm found this through reddit, have you tried this work around?


    Also steam has it's own settings under your friends list.

    So steam also needs to have a microphone set as default.

  • soraflairsoraflair Member Posts: 55 ★★

    Ugh sorry can't edit my post yet:

    Found a few more resources on reddit:

    Some replied to a thread with similar issues

    "Had this issue initially and realized my pc was detecting my ps4 controller as a microphone. Had to disconnect it to get it to read my mic. So first step would be to disconnect anything that could be registering as a mic input."

    Check to see if you've got anything else on your PC that could be utilized as a microphone and disable it. (Web Camera, Xbox / PS controler, etc.)

    Also here is another OWI support article:


  • biggreedy780biggreedy780 Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    Reinstall the entire game. The only thing that worked for me.

  • Lester_Doodis Lester_Doodis Member Posts: 8 Civilian

    So I have officially tried all of these suggestions, nothing worked. The virtual audio cable was recognized as a mic until I tried to use voicemeeter banana to connect it to my headphone mic.

    I'm really starting to run out of ideas. The last thing I will probably try is to return my windows 10 to the previous version. Thanks for trying to help guys. Not sure why this seems particularly difficult for me.

  • istrikeri49istrikeri49 Member Posts: 9 Civilian

    Were you in a server que while in game?

  • RespectedFleaRespectedFlea Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    I just bought the game myself and for the last week I have been trying every solution I could find and none of worked. This is super fustrating for a game that requires communication. I've not once had an issue with my mic in any other game. So if you figure out the fix OP then please share is so I can give it a try as well. thx

  • Lester_Doodis Lester_Doodis Member Posts: 8 Civilian

    Negative, this is all the time. It a lonely game for me.

    I have also tried to do everything on the list of how to fix 99 percent of the problems with squad. This did not resolve my problem.

  • Lester_Doodis Lester_Doodis Member Posts: 8 Civilian

    I have come to the conclusion, with no evidence, that the NSA recording device on my computer is being recognized as my mic. Lol

    If anyone knows how to disable this device be sure to let me know.

  • kaykaykaykay Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    bump - Hi all, sorry but I have the same issue with my Marshall Bluetooth headset. While Steam recognizes both audio output and input from the bluetooth headset correctly, and Squad shows them in the Audio options, Squad just fails to recognize my mic ingame when I'm in a server. I can hear everyone else but no one can hear me... please help me to fix this. I just built my new PC just for squad

    and am playing Squad for the very first time.

    INPUT: (Major III Bluetooth Hands-Free AG Audio)

    OUTPUT: (Major III Bluetooth Stereo)

  • Lester_Doodis Lester_Doodis Member Posts: 8 Civilian

    Yesterday my mic worked for the first time in 2 weeks. I hadn't changed any settings. After the match I selected my team and my mic had disconnected, so disappointing.

    I purchased a yeti stand alone mic today. It doesn't work either.


  • GringoRingoGringoRingo Member Posts: 2 Civilian

    I wished we had some indicator in Squad that shows that the mic is working (as in it is picking up audio signals). Some blinking green mic in the main menu for example the flickers when you speak into the mic to show it's working. And a red icon if it is not picking any audio signals up, including a message to the player that their mic is not working. This may also be a good time to tell newbs that they need a mic to play Squad.

    Too many times have I had the issue of a not working mic and i found out during the game when someone said 'dude, i see you're trying to say something but i dont hear you'. really sucks when you found a great squad to play with, just having to exit the game to investigate the issue.

  • Lester_Doodis Lester_Doodis Member Posts: 8 Civilian

    I have resorted to factory reset. It did not resolve my issue.

    I purchased aux type mic. it didn't work either.

    So frustrated.

  • BahreinBahrein Member Posts: 25 ★★

    Did you try this "For users having issues with just their microphone, try going into your audio control panel and checking what your microphone is set to for format, It should be set to 2 channel 16 bit, (44100 Hz confirmed works)"

    It fixed problem for me it seems

  • NitroArmsNitroArms Member Posts: 4 Civilian

    Here is what I tracked down and what gave me problems. I have a Asus motherboard that requires the Realtek driver 6.0.89???? The driver has been known to have problems on it's own and has been well documented on the web. I have a Corsair Virtuoso usb headset, that can be used wired or wireless. For games and music I use the Sonic Studio EQ. I have a Nvidia GPU with the latest driver, this was the kicker and will get back to it in a bit.

    Corsair has is own software, it's own EQ and sorts, it's own driver. Sonic Studio is part of the Realtek driver for my motherboard. The problems I was having was mic not working in game at times, The audio would be auto switch to DST for headset when starting the game, and or PC reboot when exiting the game. So, I stopped using Sonic Studio thinking that was giving me the problems. I tried Voicemeeter and had the same problems in a different order. That's when I found this post (Voicemeeter faq section Windows 10 update) about Windows updates messing up audio drivers. So, I reinstalled the Realtek driver and it worked. Later, Nvida gave me that popup "New Driver Ready" I expressed installed the new driver and was back broken. With the GPU driver is Nvidia's HD Audio driver, humm.

    The fix: I booted into safe mode cleaned the GPU driver from Windows. Restarted, reinstalled the Nvidia driver skipping the HD Audio and now back to fixed. The problem is NOT Squad, Nvidia, Realtek, I-cue, Asus, But Windows bad audio stack. It seems Windows audio stack can only see inputs from one or two driver at a time. Some of you have the Soundpad from Steam, when you change the mic input it tells you it need to reboot to change the audio stack adding your mic. When my PC would reboot on exit of Squad, it was windows resetting the audio stack. Their are other post on the net about the broken Windows 10 audio stack, check em out.

    Hope this helps.

  • SkuLLfraCTure702SkuLLfraCTure702 Member Posts: 2 Civilian
    This started happening to me.  Been playing since the 20 teens on multiple computers.  Tried everything under the sun. If this latest driver update doesn't fix it I'm done with Squad.  Pathetic.
  • capitalGcapitalG Member Posts: 1 Civilian
    edited August 31
    I just bought the game a few days ago and been playing non stop. I even got 2 of my friends to get it. Suddenly, mid match, my mic dies. It's fine on discord, just the in-game mic stopped working mid-match and hasn't returned since. This completely ruins the game, I wouldn't play this without a working mic. I am on M1 Mac Pro through NVIDIA GeForce NOW, so I can't really 'debug' this. It's a Squad issue. FIX IT
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