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most Important issues

I know you guys are struggling to hire a sr. physics programmer that can fix issues.

you need to make improvements to physics it is a very high priority. reach out to people in the industry and offer them jobs. be more active in trying to seek out talent.

Command tactical requests need balancing and adjustments to improve ease of use and game performance.

you guys are using an excessive amount of artillery for the tactical support action.

the tactical support action and tactical request action could be greatly improved, not only for gameplay but also for performance

-remove requirement to be next to FOB

-remove tactical request mechanic entirely

(replace with unrestricted map usage and coms)

reason (why does a commander have to sit by a fob to call in a strike, real world special forces can call for support while directly at the front line) (also tactical requests are an absolutely unrealistic abomination. you can call the grid on the map, anywhere you want, you do not have to look at it with binoculars and make the ridiculous circle.[just remove it])


-rework the barrage abilities with precision strike abilities or other creative support.

replace the artillery barrage with precision strikes that can penetrate through buildings - 1 shot a radio and 2 shot a FOB. create a shorter cooldown with a stackable max of 3 precision artillery airstrikes.

for insurgents consider giving the commander the ability to place an armored car bomb which can be built on the battlefield. (use wrenches instead of shovels) allow the commander to detonate the carbomb with a higher explosive radius than a standard IED (maybe a 150% radius).

I already mentioned reworking the UI for promoting people to fireteam leaders without the window disappearing and having to restart. the commander UI needs to be reworked as well

FOCUS on the issues before adding new features. Physics, UI, gameplay mechanics, performance

again with the artillery barrage giving 90% of players unplayable frames, WHAT IS THE POINT? the game was great without it. just re-work it. the scale and sheer amount of artillery strikes in the barrage is excessive. its like adding a battalion of tanks to the gameplay.

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