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Mortar Explosive Damage - Slight Increase

soraflairsoraflair Member Posts: 30 ★★

In previous iterations of squad, the mortar's hit much harder, now most players will actually run through a mortar barrage, because the chance of dying from splash damage is minimal.

I am simply suggesting to increase the "kill radius" of the mortars.

However since squad is "officially launched" I assume damage parameters are not on the table to be tweaked, as they may change the overall gameplay environment on a fully released game?


  • DuplexieDuplexie Member Posts: 7 ★★

    I'd say the mortars are already powerful enough as they are. They're more of an anti-HAB mechanism currently and that seems acceptable. Indirect fire can be really unfun for the other team when it's really powerful, but mortars can still do some serious damage when used properly.

  • GeebusGeebus Member Posts: 24 ★★

    They're more of an anti-HAB mechanism currently

    I wish that the game didn't force it into that role. You really cannot be useful as a mortar team at just killing infantry unless the team (or the mortar team is exceptionally good) is really on top of getting the mortars targets. Nine times out of ten that coordination just simply isn't there for any number of reasons.

    Without really good target information from the other squad leaders, the best a mortar squad can do is throw a attack marker on the enemy objective and keep throwing shells at it. Even then, the only felt effect those shells might have on the enemy team is if they are used to murder the HAB.

    That said, even if the kill radius of the mortar was increased, I doubt it would make any difference in their effectiveness. Squad leads are generally too busy figuring out what they are doing to be able to give the mortar team something to shoot at to any useful extent. You can't really get any use out of that extra range if you are still shooting at nothing. At the end of the match, the guy that was shooting the mortars will still feel like he killed a million dudes, only to find out that three guys went down and only one ended up dead. . .

  • Titan84Titan84 Member Posts: 6 Civilian

    The time it takes for a SL to request a mortar mission on enemy infantery till the mortar hit that location is most of the time way to long for the fast gameplay. In the same time the enemy already run and gunned down the SL changed possition and the SL respawned 2Km away at another objectiv anyway, and doesnt care for mortars that will hit just dirt.

    There is a reason only HABs and Flags gets hammered with Mortar fire... they dont run.

  • TheInvincibleAceTheInvincibleAce Member Posts: 3 Civilian

    Try playing PS, mortars and other explosions in that game a brutal and it's fkin awesome, I would love to see squad come closer to PS' explosion mechanics.

  • Doctor HammerDoctor Hammer Member Posts: 11 ★★

    Mortars are incredibly over powered as it is, increasing damage is not the play.

    I would be okay with increasing damage if there was some kind of over heat system and other nerfs.

    Also to comment on the quote "In previous iterations of squad, the mortar's hit much harder" this is actually completely the opposite, they have only increased damage of the mortars through versions. Doing what you suggest without other nerfs would make mortars so powerful, the game wouldn't even be playable.

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