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Fire Team Lead Window

Nothing on this earth is as annoying as this

"can i have fire team leader?!?!"

Then when you go to promote them to fireteam leader

The cursor is 1 pixel away from the edge of the window

Moving it 1 pixel to the left makes you have to restart the process over again because your cursor was moved off the edge of the window immediately after it pops up


  • 3S_Moe3S_Moe Member Posts: 154 ★★

    Agreed. Promoting anyone or assigning anyone to a fire team is not as easy as it could be. I often lose the pop up window by overshooting the window slightly and then you have to do it all over again. The window should just stay up regardless until you purposely click somewhere else on the screen.

  • NagibatorNagibator Member Posts: 22
    edited September 2022

    And, as far as I remember, this pop up menu changes its position?! The menu sometimes appears above the cursor and sometimes below the cursor. You click RMB and immediately start moving the cursor down, and at that moment the menu is on top and it immediately disappears 😫🤦‍♂️

  • SloanSloan Member Posts: 104 ★★

    I've accidentally kicked someone from a squad before because something in the UI above my squad disappeared as I was dragging someone into fireteam charlie...

  • Shaffer_29th_IDShaffer_29th_ID Member Posts: 52 ★★

    i already made a suggestion for this https://forums.joinsquad.com/discussion/1000/sl-and-ftl-changes#latest

    Also if you have other ideas to make SL and FTL better please share them.


    i found out you can hold left click and drag instead of right click method

  • RackEmUp187RackEmUp187 Member Posts: 88 ★★

    The SL should never have to worry about FTL'S after the game starts bc the other 8 members should be divided into 2 groups before the game starts. They can promote each other when asked.

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