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New V3.2 Sprint toggle mechanics

AslanAslan Member Posts: 1 Civilian

This is the first time I've had to give any sort of feedback that hasn't been given before (to my knowledge at least). The new mechanics for the sprint toggle are absolutely terrible. It's completely unintuitive, and it's a useless addition that I don't believe anyone asked for.

Having to manually toggle sprint off after you've come to a full stop and no longer move forward just so that you don't start sprinting once you want to start moving again makes playing the game more frustrating and cumbersome, and not in a good way. If this new feature has to be implemented in the game, make it a seperate option in the settings without removing the possibility of having a toggle mechanic that feels good to use.

I get that developers want to add new features and make adjustments, but this one completely misses the mark. I hope that a patch will be done ASAP to get rid of the changes to the sprint toggle, because it makes the game unplayable for me. Please, fix this. It wasn't broken, and now it is.

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