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Some New Improvements that could help Squad

Hello Devs,

I feel like there are a few things that could really improve squad. For instance, wall hitbox, no wall hitbox, or even changing crouch levels. The reason I am making this post is because when I am crouched or prone, and I am aiming at a target I end up hitting the wall even though the spot is a really good vantage point. So what ends up happening is I would have to stand up which exposes my position and gets me killed. In real life you expect me to believe that a soldier wouldn't just raise his barrel so that it wouldn't lie just over the wall? There were plenty of times where I would have made the kill but the wall blocks my shot. Other times when I shouldn't be able to even shoot, I can shoot through rocks and boulders which is very unfair for the team I am fighting. Since they can't see my position. So some solutions I have that could fix these problems are, fixing the hitbox so when you are aiming down sight where ever you are aiming would hit. Or have a mechanism where you can change your crouch level so that you are just high enough to be able to make the shot without exposing yourself too much. This would make the game so much more enjoyable. I really enjoy your game as it is but its not fun to die to a person when you know your shot would have landed.


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