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engineer reduce turn over time.

sgt.longbowsgt.longbow Member Posts: 30 ★★

would be nice if when using a engineer they could have a reduced timer for how long it takes to flip over a vehicle. since engieers are the ones who ussally deal with wrecked and turned over vehicles.


  • 3S_Moe3S_Moe Member Posts: 154 ★★

    It would also be nice if the time to flip was reduced based on how many people help. You can have an entire squad all trying to flip a vehicle and it's the same time as if just one person did it. And when other people join to flip, it shouldn't give them a choice of direction, it should just lock into whatever the first direction was that was chosen.

  • sgt.longbowsgt.longbow Member Posts: 30 ★★
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