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The Log Cabin - TLC

TheLogCabinTheLogCabin Member Posts: 1 Civilian

Thanks for checking out The Log Cabin!

We're a community of experienced gamers who are trying to foster a fun and competitive environment for Squad players of all experience levels. We're always looking for new members, so if you're interested in joining us head over to our Discord: https://discord.gg/JSZVSxwz2s

Violation of any of the following general or gameplay rules could result in an indefinite ban, based on the discretion of the acting admin.


  1. No discrimination of any kind. Use of personal attacks, slurs, or derogatory speech will result in a permanent and irreversible ban.
  2. Keep things civil and focused on the game, no toxicity.
    1. Giving constructive criticism is encouraged, but if you can't keep things constructive and focused on gameplay, don't say anything at all.
    2. Furthermore, if you're receiving criticism from someone, be able to accept that criticism (whether or not you agree with it or if they're right), don't argue and bicker over voice chat.
  3. No advertising other squad servers, clans, etc. unless given express permission by one of the server owners/admins.


  1. Hierarchy matters: listen to your Commander / Squad Leader. Squad is a cooperative game and working together is vital to a team's success. Even if you disagree with an order the Commander gives you, you should still listen. Same goes for your Squad Leader if you're a member of a squad.
  2. All squads should have a name that is relevant to the squad's role on the battle field: an infantry squad should include "INF" in the name, a helicopter squad should include "HELI", etc.
  3. No Squad Leader baiting: defined as creating a squad without the intention of leading it. If you accidentally created a squad, you should disband it instead of leaving it.
  4. All Squad Leaders must have a Squad Leader kit.
  5. Vehicle priority is based on squad name: a squad named T72-B would get priority on a T72-B over a squad named Tank.
    1. If there are two squads with the same name at the start of the game / at the first time the vehicle spawns, it's first come first serve on the claim.
    2. If the game is already in progress and you're waiting on a respawn and a new/different squad steals your claim, please report it using the "!admin" command in-game.
  6. Armored vehicles require 2+ crewmen: all armored vehicles must be manned by at least 2 crewmen kits. If it is a dedicated armor squad, the Squad Leader should have a Lead Crewman kit.
  7. No griefing: this includes but isn't limited to: intentional team kills, intentionally wasting resources, mic spamming, not listening to orders given by command hierarchy, etc. Admins have full discretion on whether or not something is considered griefing.
  8. No ghosting: providing information to a member of the other team purposefully will result in a permanent ban.
  9. No exploiting/cheating/glitching/etc.

If you have any questions or want to report something to The Log Cabin admin team, please join our Discord and reach out via the #support channel: https://discord.gg/JSZVSxwz2s

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