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Aussie Mod?

DanielSMADanielSMA Member Posts: 8 ★★

I don't know if this has been answered before but OWI should give the Squad Community some information about the release of the Aussie faction. Why has it been delayed.


  • ChrisJChrisJ Member Posts: 25 ★★

    While I would love to see more factions added, they do add more work for devs. I know they're also working on bringing the U.S. Marines in as a faction, as well.

    My outlook on it is this: There are several very pressing bugs that I hope the team is focused on and while there are separate teams for development and QA; QA is already swamped and adding this DLC would only bury them further.

  • ThiagolpvThiagolpv Member Posts: 22

    Squad SQUAD's concept rounds around logi/supply truck and still broke.

    I agree with Chris, while several bugs (some of them, legacy) aren't solved, we shouldn't focus on other factions.

    Be sure all of us would love to see other factions as well, but Devs need fix serious issues firstly.

  • XXPX1XXPX1 Member Posts: 45 ★★

    I agree with Chris, but to answer Daniel's question:

    Last Squad Chat (January?) mentioned the Aussie faction's delay. If I recall correctly, it was for two reasons:

    1. Before the layer overhaul that came with V2, the devs had to build/maintain each map/layer combo. Meaning if you wanted to see the Aussie faction on a certain map layer, they'd have to build out a new layer specifically for that faction. With all the maps, layers and factions we currently have, I can only imagine what a nightmare maintenance was before V2.
    2. The Aussie mod, like the Canadians, are going to be free DLC. OWI was having problems with their DLC pipeline (basically, the process of getting the code deployed and downloadable) for DLC factions.

    The layer overhaul was a big feature in V2 that was mostly behind the scenes which the community really hasn't felt the effects of yet. Being able to match any factions on a given map/layer (via faction voting or something) will be really cool to see and mix up a lot of the stale meta we're seeing on certain maps.

    That said, I agree with Chris, OWI needs to focus on some of these game breaking bugs. Let the modding community develop and maintain new content so OWI is free to work on bugs and core game mechanics.

  • DanielSMADanielSMA Member Posts: 8 ★★

    "The layer overhaul was a big feature in V2 that was mostly behind the scenes which the community really hasn't felt the effects of yet." The modding community has felt the side effects of it. You legit have people quitting Squad Modding because of this new system that effected the community greatly. Even though there was multiple work arounds brought up by very skilled modders like Wasti, which would have made the system more friendly to modders.

  • XXPX1XXPX1 Member Posts: 45 ★★

    Yeah, I've heard the impact the layer overhaul has had on the modding community. I'm personally not too involved with that scene and I don't have any interest in vesting my time there until OWI changes their stance and starts showing support to modders.

    But please don't shoot the messenger, I was reciting what I could recall was said during the last squad chat.

  • RybecRybec CanadaMember Posts: 20 ★★

    I cannot imagine that the same people who do modeling and texturing for assets are the same ones that are assigned to bug fixes. There are people who can fill a bunch of roles sure, but I believe OWI has gotten a little bigger.

  • ChrisJChrisJ Member Posts: 25 ★★

    The aussie mod is complete, modeling and texturing is not the issue here. At the risk of sounding snippy I specifically mentioned that the Dev team and QA team are separate. What you're not realizing is that adding a new faction will bring bugs with it. With the number of bugs and the duration that some of the most egregious have existed, I can not imagine there is any free time on the QA team as it is. Adding more bugs is not the solution at the moment.

  • soraflairsoraflair Member Posts: 53 ★★

    I would love to see the old "monthly updates" however their offices may be in a heavy COVID restricted area still, and it's hard to do collaborative work in a remote / distanced environment, they lost a significant portion of time, due to COVID delays.

    From what I understand the Aussie faction was purchased, so it is likely feature complete, and they are probably going to strategically release the new factions (USMC, Australian, and Pangia) at specific intervals to maximize profit / awareness of the product.

    Agree though, would be rad to see a bit more, maybe a screenshot or something just to hold us over, which is why I was a fan of the old "monthly updates posts."

  • RybecRybec CanadaMember Posts: 20 ★★

    Snippy is fine, I had glossed over that part.

    I have enough faith in the team to balance staffing so there's not a ridiculous bottleneck. I would hope It's not misplaced?

  • ChrisJChrisJ Member Posts: 25 ★★

    In an idealistic world I would agree. However, we're talking about a business and funding is not infinite. I understand where you're coming from and I would love for that to be true, but it just isn't realistic.

  • MunsterMunster Member Posts: 16 ★★

    Since there are so many bugs in the game right now I'd love to see the team focus on them first and stop adding new content for now. More content just adds more bugs and it seems that the team has a hard time fixing existing bugs as it is.

  • RackEmUp187RackEmUp187 Member Posts: 34

    It's done as far as I know. The team that made the Aussie mod moved on to make the game Burning Lands

  • DubsDubs New ZealandMember Posts: 13 Moderator

    The DLC system is planned to undergo an overhaul, as the current one is less than desirable in functionality and causes a few issues.. Until this rework is complete, The Aussie faction wont be appearing in Squad.

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