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We're a newly established clan within the MILSIM community. We are a small group with large ambitions, with a determined spirit to achieve these goals we've begun to set in motion. As we're new to these forums, it would be natural for viewers to have the following questions:

Who Are You?

The [SE] Strike Eagles are a group of players that originated amongst the SQUAD and MILSIM communities who wish to give their fellow peers an immersive MILSIM experience. We seek to help new players get acquainted with the SQUAD game while playing with a dependable group of people in the game

What Do You Play?

We primarily play SQUAD, as our community is based, we play on a variety of servers and a few mods, including the Star Wars GC Mod. Though we intend to seek out more mods within the SQUAD community!

Why Should I Join?

Simply put, you can trust us and we may earn more of it through your experiences within the clan. Within a MILSIM should as SQUAD, it's important to have a group of people and leaders that are not only experienced and competent but friendly too! Furthermore, we are active. we may be small, but we host events daily with larger weekend events now being held

How Do I Join; What are the Requirements?

We accept all, from the newest player who bought the game and knows not a single thing about SQUAD or MILSIM to the most experienced veteran in the community. We expect an 18+ level of maturity from all of our Eagles! If you wish not to join but observe the community play and do events, that is completely fine and we'll accept that!*


Now that you've heard from us, take a look at the clan, and give us feedback, what do you think? Are you interested? Are you scared, happy, excited, or hype? See for yourself, and VISIT TODAY!

LINK:  KAg8xwNsu6

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