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Noisy shadows

MementomoriMementomori Member Posts: 2 Civilian

Grass looks horrible 

The shadows are really bad, the grass looks very unnatural and when I look at it it's like looking at green noise.

If I make the shadows high and remove the contact shadows parameter, the problem will be solved, but in this case it takes about 10 fps, which is a lot for my pc.

How do I remove this effect so that I can play on low shadows?

Unfortunately I can't post links to videos.

In the game, it's all very rippling and noisy, the eyes get tired


  • MementomoriMementomori Member Posts: 2 Civilian

    I tested a little, found out that the problem lies precisely in the contact shadows parameter, no matter what shadow settings, but, unfortunately, I just can't turn off contact shadows on low shadows, is it possible to fix it somehow?

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