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Vehicle Occupancy UI QOL improvements

grey275grey275 Member Posts: 10 Civilian

I often find myself wondering if there is enough space in a vehicle for me or my squad to fit. At the moment, the only ways to find this out are:

A. memorize the max occupants for common vehicles, counting the number of players on the vehicle hover tooltip on the map, and doing the math

B. stuffing people into the vehicle until someone can't fit

A expects too much of the average squad player, and B is frustrating and makes it harder to manage transport of infantry in a thought-out way.

Suggested solution

  1. Add an extra element to the vehicle's tooltip on the map of the form (current occupants / max occupants)
  2. bonus: add an additional section to the vehicle legend describing the max occupants and the number of crewman-only slots in vehicles

If anyone has equivalent/better versions of these suggestions, please share.



  • RackEmUp187RackEmUp187 Member Posts: 88 ★★

    -I like the second suggestion and I guess we can throw in when you press F to get in the vehicle, it would show how many slots are available left above the square icon.

    -Another suggestion would be when you hover over the vehicle on the map it will display above the list of players in the vehicle, how many slots are available in that vehicle.

    However, if you SL a bunch of times, you will learn how many seats are available for each vehicle type. I think as a leader it should be mandatory to kind of memorize this information as well.

    Usually the allied helicopters hold about 13 seats and I believe the armored APC vehicles as well.

    The rule of thumb is any big vehicle should be able to hold 12 to 13 ppl with the exception of the smaller mobile vehicles. You can fit quite a lot of people with that British Russian and Australian jeep though.

  • grey275grey275 Member Posts: 10 Civilian

    I think most players have a general idea of how many people fit in certain vehicles, but details matter here.

    You say 12 to 13 for large vehicles are the norm, but the US and british logi can only hold 10, for CAF it's 14, and transports have much higher capacity with a range of 16-20.

    I'm not trying to make a jab at you, the point is that even experienced players often don't know how many seats vehicles actually have, and that's because there's no obvious way to find out through the game's UI, especially for vehicles that seat more than 12 people.

    Like, imagine if the build menu didn't list the build cost for deployables and you had to learn it through experience. You could memorize the cost of each deployable(as many experienced SLs have, just by playing a lot), have the wiki up on a second monitor, or just take what feels llke enough build and hope for the best, but this feels like a completely unnecessary imposition on new or intermediate players and represents another hurdle for players that want to try SLing.

    I think the same logic applies to vehicle capacity.

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