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Add the Ukrainian nation to the game.

term1natorrterm1natorr Member Posts: 2 Civilian

Hello, dear Squad game developers, I would like to see the Ukrainian nation in the game, as there are a lot of players from Ukraine.

Vulkan-M, AK-TK - assault rifle

AKS-74U - carbine

RPK-74M - light machine gun

KM - 7.62 - a single machine gun

NSV - heavy machine gun

Zbroyar UAR-10 - sniper rifle

Fort-14TP - pistol

GP-25 - grenade launcher

RGD-5 - fragmentation grenade

RDG-2 - smoke grenade

Nlaw - hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher

Javelin - hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher

Stugna-P - anti-tank missile system

TM-62 - anti-tank mine

AKM bayonet - combat knife

Tank - BM "Oplot", T-64BM "Bulat"

BTR - BTR-4E, BTR-80, BTR-3E1



Armored vehicles - HMMWV M1114 UAH, Kozak-2M

Trucks - KrAZ-63221

Aircraft - Su-25 Grach

Helicopter - Mi-8

Drone - Bayraktar

Artillery - M777

Mortar - UPIK-82


  • thebiglezthebiglez Member Posts: 35 ★★

    after the Chinese faction i think there will be more than enough factions in Squad. We especially dont need another BlueFor faction. If anything i would add some african or south american nation. but i think the focus after the chinese faction should be on QoL improvments, more maps and optimiation. As well as adding more content to the already existing factions

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