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Pistol Ammunition on sniper/marksman

Delta VDelta V Member Posts: 1 Civilian

I’m with Liquid Gaming, and I was chatting with the boys yesterday. I can’t count on one hand how many times I’ve been marksman or sniper, and had to switch to my pistol for a close counter engagement in an emergency. So many times in fact I usually run out of ammo in my pistol nearly every life. We all agreed that there should be more than two magazines for the pistol for ranged kits. Nothing feels more sloppy than having to engage somebody three meters away with an RSASS or a bolt action rifle. Please y’all, show the ol’ sidearm some love.

We figured a good amount of mags would be 5. The handguns aren’t overpowered in the slightest so I can’t imagine anyone having an issue with this. Five mags is still not much ammo, but it’s better than two. Depending on how the gunfight goes and how close they push, just one kill could use up nearly a whole mag if my aim isn’t particularly incredible.

Any objections?


  • GeebusGeebus Member Posts: 142 ★★

    For some reason 5 magazines seems a bit excessive. It certainly wouldn't be overpowered like you said but it is supposed to be your secondary weapon. I could see bumping the number of extra magazines up by one but any more than that doesn't seem necessary. The better solution would be to learn to use those rifles in closer range. At the ranges where you would be using a pistol, you'd almost be just as well off learning to hip fire those semi-automatic rifles.

    Also, where is your squad in this engagement? Where is the rifleman that you can snag a mag from, every now and then? The way I have always seen Squad is that every guy has his role within the squad. You as the marksman have the ability to hit guys at those longer ranges where everyone else with a rifle might not be effective. Now that you are in those closer ranges, maybe you ought to take a step back and let others do most of the work? Maybe instead of you being the guy that is first into the compound where you might need to drop a few guys and run through all your ammo, let one of the other guys go first. Or better yet, have one of your squadmates with you, have somebody there that can do what you can't.

    Long story short, I am of the general opinion that you should make up for disadvantages through better use of the resources available to you instead of trying to rebalance the game around it. Every role has its purpose in the squad. If you can't do something very well then let those that can do it better, do it better.

  • XXPX1XXPX1 Member Posts: 46 ★★

    I agree with Geebus here.

    1. Use a rifleman, vehicle or ammo box to rearm
    2. As a marksman, rely on your squad members for CQB and try to disengage rather

    If you're running out of pistol ammo as a marksman, you are either too close to the enemy or firing too frantically with the pistol.

  • RybecRybec CanadaMember Posts: 22 ★★

    With a goal mindset, what does this change do?

    What you're trying to do is make the kit more self-sufficient. While there's no reason not to give a marksman five or so mags, it gives you the impression that you don't need anyone else for that kit and are able to do your own thing easier. The marksman who runs off and plays solo is so prevalent that it is found in any community.

    At least with an engineer they can be sneaky on their own for a couple minutes and flank trying to get a juicy demolition charge placed.

  • soraflairsoraflair Member Posts: 55 ★★

    This is probably an intentional design by OWI in order to force the marksman to remain with their squad, remember they are not supposed to be "snipers" they are supposed to be "Designated Marksman" which are standard rifleman with a stronger optic, they are actually supposed to remain with the squad at all times, and obviously if used as intended ammo could easily come from a rifleman.

    That would be my only objection, your idea works if they are designed to remain independent, but they are not designed to do so.

  • WhyPhyWhyPhy Member Posts: 19 ★★

    Almost every pub match I join, SL gets angry when the sniper runs off trying to be "a lone wolf". I think giving the sniper more ammo for his secondary will promote this lone wolf behaviour. Although I'm not against the idea for more ammo, I think it would be against the concept of Squad. As many ppl already mentioned, the main goal of a marksman is to scout and report back. If you are engaged in short-range, you kinda f*ed up.

    Also from my personal experience, I hate having a marksman rush up to the enemy, get lots of kills and then cry when he runs out of secondary ammo. Like if he wasted 2 clips of pistol ammo, he probs should have retreated ages ago. It's the same reasoning with the engineer. They don't have much ammo because they are not supposed to be in the field for the entire fight, they go out, put down some defences/mines/C4 and then retreat.

  • Delta VDelta V Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    I completely understand. I like to experiment from time to time, and I’ve found a couple of tactics that work for very specific occasions. With the normal group I play with, we easily fill our own squad and SL’ing is pretty low maintenance with them, everyone knows what to do. Occasionally I’ll send my marksman/sniper on his own to perform recon as an FTL. I’ve found this to be very beneficial for distractions as well. Marksman finds a HAB, circles behind it, we stack up to push, he lets out a few rounds and has every enemy’s head turning the other way while we push up. It’s a lot of fun doing these little plays with guys that understand the concept. This doesn’t really work with very new players because they tend to open fire at anyone within a 300m radius. Though, back to the original post, I’ve been that marksman a few times where it was mutually agreed for me to go on recon. I’m not perfect and sometimes I make a risky decision which gets me compromised. I love using the pistols in buildings, it’s very immersive. Honestly the immersion is the main reason I use it. I could sloppily hit fire or aim at the wrinkles of their forehead with the scope, but I find it more fun to use the sidearm how it was intended to be used. Different squads play different ways, and I can understand an ammo limit for the pistol to keep new lone wolfs on a leash, but can you understand how I’m bummed about only packing two mags for the gun that’s designed to safe your life in a **** situation?

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