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Microphone not working, only in Squad

SkubySkuby Member Posts: 1 Civilian


after Months i started Squad again and my Microphone is not working. Found hundreds of threads in forums and reddit wich goes on for years and im wondering if there is finally any fix.

My setup:

logitech g935 headset wich i use ONLY for Audio Output because the mic is physically broken, no big deal.

Standalone Usb microphone . Does it Job in any other Game with any other program except for squad. BIG DEAL

The Error

Microphone is displayed correctly in the ingame settings and it works fine in the Steam friends settings but noone can hear me ingame.

( Why cant you test it ingame baffles me. Games from 15 years ago did that and noone gave a **** about communication these days. Cant be so difficult to implement some kind of echo or something because joining a server and hope someone replies is nervWRECKING.

What i tried

Plug -Unplug and using different usb ports for the headset and the microphone before starting steam/ Squad

Lowering the audio quality

Choose diffrent devices like default, communiction device etc in the Steam friends settings

audio driver up to date

What did work in the past ( not anymore )

Chose a different Usb port with Squad running.

FULL Shut down of the computer.

Restart and it works.

That was some months before sadly this fix doesnt help anymore.

Its kind of embarassing that a game build around comms has a such a hard time wich audio input devices. Its going on for years you cant test it ingame.

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