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HAT Considerations

Simple suggestion here is to remove the ability to take HAT kits on layers that don't have tanks. Or alternatively, reduce the HEAVY AT multiplier for these lighter vehicles.

HATs as we know them now (aka exlcuding the Alpha 11 AT4) came from Alpha 14 as a response to Alpha 12s introduction of tanks.

While HATs being good at killing tanks is a good thing, when you have maps like Narva which feature many of their layers being filled with lighter vehicles and no tanks in sight, the existence of HAT becomes questionable.

A HAT against something like a BTR, Styrker or BMP can single handily destroy the vehicle by themselves. No coordination needed when a single person's kit is a dedicated "I win" button. Factor in the shadows making spotting horrendous and vehicles exactly become horrendous to play.

If HATs got this change, destroying vehicles is less about point and click, and more about flanking, disabling and destroying - and that whole process being easier in a group.


  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 456 ★★
    edited July 31

    Typical HAT kits(1 tandem 1 normal heat) can only set strykers on fire. If you were properly hiding the hull, there's no threat from HAT. There usually is flanking involved because going to where vehicle is shooting at is generally not a good idea.

    BTR/BMP are most affected, Bradley would not be set on fire through damage.

    There are far more issues, like backblast disappearing when weapon is swapped(like how vehicle smoke disappears when vehicle dies).

    Shadows need to be fixed first and foremost, this affects way more than just vehicles. It's not realistic and the "solution" of hollywood muzzleflash don't really help(since when you see muzzle flash, it's often too late).

  • sgt.longbowsgt.longbow Member Posts: 25

    for levels with no tanks then heavy hat should be heavy AP. 4 carried ap rockets or 3 ap and 1 at.

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