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No map when wounded?

SloanSloan PRTA LeadMember Posts: 36 Civilian

I've been noticing that as an SL it kind of doesn't matter if I get shot or not. I can still manage my squad and react to the situation through comms and map markers. In some ways I'm actually more effective when wounded, because I can always react quickly to a changing situation.

This seems a bit wrong.

Wounding an *enemy* SL should cause that squad some serious issues around coordination both within that squad and between other squads. Removing the map from wounded people should cause the SL (and to a smaller extent the fireteam leaders) to become a high-value target. A secondary effect would be that good fireteam leaders become far more valuable - if the SL goes down they can maintain most of the immediate command and control activities.

Not sure what it should be replaced with, though. Maybe just a blurred camera only showing the world with a delay of a few seconds - or not rendering any enemy activity at all?

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