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FSR 2.0 AMD graphics card optimization

NONYNONY Member Posts: 2 Civilian
edited July 27 in Game Support

So i ve been testing squad recently with my RTX card and AmD card and noticed difference in GPU usage Nvidia had more than AMD by 23% also FSR 2.0 is out and Open source and could be easily moded and optimised for game which should bring drastic performance increase and i know that would be something comunity would be grateful for, i know u are not gonna read this but i love the game and i want it to go in right way and trying to give you overhead and what comunity expects from develpoers

Peace out and have wonderful day:)


  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 456 ★★
    edited July 28

    More gpu usage means your nvidia gpu is weaker while cpu is still the bottleneck.

    Nvidia does have more-multithreaded dx11 drivers but that's not going to change the fact that cpu is generally the bottleneck when you have half decent gpu.

    99% of time(besides on terrible maps like fallujah or new one) you're really just lowering image quality with dlss/fsr2.0 for no reason(again, cpu bottleneck). If you need to use more gpu, increase render resolution.

    OWI would probably have to update unreal engine again to support dlss and use fsr2.0 plugin(which as far as I can tell doesn't have support for 4.23 the current version in Squad).

  • NONYNONY Member Posts: 2 Civilian

    Not true at all i am using FSR 2.0 in world of warships and enableing FSR.20 went from 160Fos to 230 to 240 Fps without any quality loss game still looks sick like before it just depend what preset u choose from Low to high thats it also u talked about cpu bottleneck i dont think thats true either squad is optimized to use more power from cpu and i can see my I511600K is 80 to 90 % Utilization while graphics card is lacking to around 45 tto 60 % Same issues as Battlefield 2042 and when developers finaly did optimized game for Amd and nvidia i got from 55% utilization and avg fps of 82 to 89% Utilization and avg fps of 126 and thats why i am talking about this cuz its problem that is easy to fix and problem that can bring Joy to all people in community

  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 456 ★★
    edited July 28

    "without any quality loss" That's just because you couldn't notice."i dont think thats true" that just means you don't know enough. Squad isn't "optimized" to use more power from cpu, it simply requires more cpu power due to 100players...etc. and how unreal engine "works" as gamethread and render thread as the main culprits of singlecore performance bottleneck. Here's the thing, 100% usage on a 750ti is still going to be worse than 50% usage on rx 6950xt. Usage alone says nothing. CPU utilization also means nothing because you're only looking at overall cpu usage without looking at individual cores if you had any idea you would have looked at individual cores and find two cores working at 100% or close enough to it not that you can figure that out because you can't even use punctuation so again in conclusion fsr2.0 would do very little, as even if you do lower your render resolution you're still cpu-bottlenecked and the thing is fsr2.0/dlss have a constant cost that means performance isn't going to get magically better on low end gpus

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