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Looking for a group in Europe (English or German)

MistatyrosMistatyros Member Posts: 1 Civilian

Hey, I'm looking for a clan or group in Europe no matter if English or German. I am a complete beginner and am looking for friendly people who have some patience. Currently, I only ever find squads with leaders who immediately snap at me or who don't talk to me at all, so I figured the game would definitely be better with some friendly people.

About me:

I am a 23 year old German and understand English very well and I really want to learn the game. I'm online most evenings/nights when work doesn't get in the way.

I have Teamspeak and Discord and I am looking forward to meeting you guys.


  • Shaffer_29th_IDShaffer_29th_ID Member Posts: 27

    hi i am shaffer from the 29th ID the 29th dose both US and EU time zones if your interested check out our website www.29th.org read about us to see if we are what your looking for if so hit enlist

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