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audio output device

wesuperstarwesuperstar Member Posts: 2 Civilian


There is no audio output device in my list, which means i can hear...nothing.

The audio input device list is showing default device and my Rode AI-1.

I cleared the cache and verified the game files in Steam.

On other apps my audio is running well, except Squad.

What can i do now?


  • wesuperstarwesuperstar Member Posts: 2 Civilian

    ok, I fixed it.

    The issue were different sample rates of mic and speakers.

    I don´t know why and how, because usually i am driving these rates always by 48kHz.

    But my mic was at 44,1kHz.

    Wether you are going with 44,1kHz or even 96kHz, both in- and output has to have the same sample rate in this game.

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