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The map needs to have contour lines.

QuandaleDingleBerryQuandaleDingleBerry Member Posts: 1 Civilian

When planning an operation I need every information I can get beforehand. The map is a huge factor in this part of the game and it is lacking one vital information. That is contour lines on the map so me and my Squad can determine if a spot is elevated or not. Arma 3 has contour lines and it should not be impossible to incorporate it in Squad. If it however already exists I would really love to know how I can access it! Thanks.



  • RackEmUp187RackEmUp187 Member Posts: 74 ★★

    I agree that contour lins should be added to the map as a toggleable feature, but once you play enough hours in Squad you start to memorize the layout of the maps.

  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 456 ★★

    Too difficult for OWI who can't even trim down the floating grass.

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