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Logi usage

Agent 9Agent 9 Member Posts: 11 Civilian

I have a running beef with the game at the start about taking logistic trucks and giving them a 1-2 time use during the game per squad at base.

Logi's have a 33.3% value time 3 logis for 100%.

Example: COM takes a logi but not a logi and transport vehicle for a 33.3% loss even after the 1st usage; it sits and sits. If he had taken a Transport himself and a squad and logi then he could have asigned a rifleman to go back to main with the logi and refill it. Taken the transport to the next site and met the logi for a new FOB. See?

The logi is being used like it should be. How many times have you played with logis being on the map unused?

If 3 logi's are infield and white the 100% of the supply is gone and we loose. Heli's are not going to back all the FOB's.

Why study other aspects of the game and miss the 33.3%, 66.6%, 99.9% of the Logi's potential.

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