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Logi usage

Agent 9Agent 9 Member Posts: 11 Civilian

I have a running beef with the game at the start about taking logistic trucks and giving them a 1-2 time use during the game per squad at base.

Logi's have a 33.3% value time 3 logis for 100%.

Example: COM takes a logi but not a logi and transport vehicle for a 33.3% loss even after the 1st usage; it sits and sits. If he had taken a Transport himself and a squad and logi then he could have asigned a rifleman to go back to main with the logi and refill it. Taken the transport to the next site and met the logi for a new FOB. See?

The logi is being used like it should be. How many times have you played with logis being on the map unused?

If 3 logi's are infield and white the 100% of the supply is gone and we loose. Heli's are not going to back all the FOB's.

Why study other aspects of the game and miss the 33.3%, 66.6%, 99.9% of the Logi's potential.


  • TUROCKTUROCK Member Posts: 16 Civilian

    Thanks for share this idea.

    We can have thousands hours in squad, and miss many things.

    Some fact as, the "bad habit", and the boredom the player can live like the "logi run" part are the one of the main causes. Most of people need action ("Most"). The squad leader must give orders to the team members at their expense.

    The general SL's mindset turn arround the micro management despite of a vision with a greatesst scale.

    (i play on French server and have this sort of issues).

    I use the same tactic but differntly. For my part as pilot during the game at the start i recommend to the Squad Leader to "pick up" the squad exept one teammate who will drive the LOGI to the "drop point"
    Now i think we can also add an other teammate in a transport truck
    Transport game start :
    - Helicopter + Logi + transport truck combination

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