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Ground Vehicles need to be reworked

Metro_StalkerMetro_Stalker United StatesMember Posts: 2 Civilian
edited July 12 in Feedback & Suggestions

It's probably been said before, but the vehicles (vics) in Squad need to be reevaluated. It doesn't feel like any of the vehicles in the game actually grip the ground as they are moving; like they are driving on ice. I'll list out the exact problems I have across general types.

All Vehicles:

-The primary issue I have, as stated above, is vehicles don't feel like grip the surfaces and slide far more than they should be. This causes vehicles to spin out more often (Why can you wip a LAV-25 180° so aggressively like it's a drift car) or struggle to climb inclines at lower inclines (a long 15-20° incline shouldn't slow to a crawl)

  • -Going up a hill in most vehicles is a major pain. Even with no damage to a vehicle on a paved surface, they will crawl at a pace that doesn't seem reasonable. I don't feel it's right for vehicles (specially light weight vics) to struggle as much as they do and this severally impacts game play with vics on 95% of the maps in the game. Most military vehicles are designed to drive on uneven terrain.
  • -While light weight vics (techies, Jeeps, etc) should be effected as they are with shallow water ways. The sliding effects of driving in shallow waters with heavier vehicles (logi trucks, wheeled-APCs and MRAP type light vics) in shallow water ways, such as the "river" on Mutaha that only appears to be a few inches deep, are to high for the heavier vehicles. A speed decrease is reasonable but the sliding is far more than I think it should be.
  • -Something I would like to see with vehicles would be a togglable "manual mode." Where you can switch to change the gear the vehicle is in. Lower gears offering more torque and higher gears for higher speeds.

Tracked vehicles:

-Tanks, IFVs, and other tracked vehicles are designed to be able to cross ditches and go over terrain that wheeled vehicles can't do as easily. I've gotten stuck in trenches when trying to cross them or driving in them in tracked vehicles and I don't feel this should be happening as often as it does.

-I would like to be able to turn in place with tracked vehicles (as far as I know, pretty much all of them should be able to turn on the spot). Having to go forward then turn in a shallow arc can be difficult in "close quarters" environments (urban, wooded or in compounds).

These are just my opinions. I'm not a vehicle expert but this is not an ultra-high realistic game (even then, games like Arma seem to do vehicles more justice) and would like to see some changes.


  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 456 ★★

    OWI doesn't have the technical prowess to rewrite physx again.

    Those aren't even the biggest issues - the biggest issue is you being able to effectively take away 90% of mobility of 8-wheeled vehicles by shooting out one of the middle 4 tires.

  • Agent 9Agent 9 Member Posts: 11 Civilian

    Man you are so right. I could play Cyberpunk 2077 and those vehicles are really better than squads vehicles controll wise.

    Steal a car in the desert and see the real difference. Heck, call up Cyberpunk 2077 and ask then their about their code and get a fresh idea!

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